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1. Why would Bob Worsley spend close to $1 million to stay in the Arizona Senate?
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2. Previous Bob Worsley Voters Won't be Fooled Twice!
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3. Dr. Ralph Heap (Conservative) versus Bob Worsley (Liberal) in LD25
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4. Meet Dr. Ralph Heap and Rep. Matt Salmon: July 21, 7 PM

The Leisure World Republican Club cordially invites you to come meet with U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon (CD5)  and State Senate Candidate Dr. Ralph Heap (LD25).

Monday, July 21.  7:00 pm.

Leisure World - The Hopi Ballroom Rec. 2

Become an informed voter!   Bring your questions!

Remember, early voting begins July 31.  The Primary Election is August 26.

Please be sure to RSVP to Diane Anderson 480-395-5515.  She will put your name on the Gate List.  

Click HERE for the flyer.  

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5. Dr. Ralph Heap Urgently Needs your Help!

Money should not buy an election, but if the grassroots doesn't step up to help Dr. Ralph Heap right now, Bob Worsley will buy his way to victory in LD25!   Worsley, the incumbent whose voting record in the Arizona Senate earned him the rating of "Hero of Big Government" by Americans for Prosperity, is paying young people to go door to door signing up early ballots and targeting Independents.  Worsley is also advertising on prime time FOX with Jeff Flake advertising for him.

Early ballots are only a little more than 30 days away!  The Primary is Critical.  If you thought about helping Dr. Heap, NOW is the time to do it.  After the primary, the election is over.  So we have just 30 days or we have missed the chance to make a difference, and this is one of the most important races in the state.  Bob Worsley voted for Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, Common Core, Funding Abortion Providers, and he defeated a bill (HB2700) that would have helped us recover state lands acquired by the federal government.  He has repeatedly voted with the Democrats.  

Your help is urgently needed now!  Please contact Dr. Heap's campaign and help with phone banking!  

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6. Remember when Scott Smith Endorsed Bob Worsley for AZ Senate?

Scott Smith, after knowing Bob Worsley for 30 years, called Worsley a "conservative."    

Bob Worsley won that race for Arizona Senate in 2012, against Russell Pearce.  So, how did Bob Worsley, the "conservative," perform during his tenure?  Not only did he vote for expanding Medicaid in Arizona, but he also voted with the Democrats more than the Democrat Minority Leader Chad Campbell.  According to Americans For Prosperity, Sen. Worsley earned himself a Hero of Big Government rating.

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7. Walk for Dr. Ralph Heap on May 2 and May 3 - Arizona Senate (LD25)

Please support Dr. Ralph Heap in his campaign to replace incumbent Arizona Senator Bob Worsley (LD25).  Worsley is not only an "establishment" politician who voted for expanding Medicaid in Arizona, but he also voted with the Democrats more than the Democrat Minority Leader Chad Campbell.  According to Americans For Prosperity, Sen. Worsley earned himself a Hero of Big Government rating.

This weekend is a two day walk.....Either Friday night from 4:30pm to 6:00pm  AND/OR  Saturday 8:30am to 10:00am. 

Please join the final Petition Drive of the campaign! 

Meet at the Campaign Headquarters at 3535 E. Brown Road, Suite 101, Mesa. 

CALL Barbara at 480-577-9094 for any questions or details.  

All the training and supplies are provided.  It will be so easy!  It'll be great.  

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8. HB2699 and HB2700: Good News and Bad News

Recently, Gilbert Watch asked you to email Arizona Senators asking them to support two important bills: HB2699 Endangered Species - Program Rescission - Reimbursement and HB2700 ..."recover all state lands that have been acquired by the federal government.  The good news is that HB2699 passed.  The bad news is that HB2700 failed to pass.  

As a precinct committeeman, I visit with citizens.  Most are unaware that our country is swiftly being taken over by the federal government agencies made up of unelected bureaucrats who are paid by the taxpayers.  This lack of awareness stems from their source of news.  These citizens are also unaware that the newspapers they read and most of the television reporting they watch are part of what has truly become the Collectivist Media.   For example, the collectivist media did not report one of the most significant events in American history:  The Cliven Bundy vs the BLM stand-off.  Why?  Because the fact that over 2,000 patriotic Americans standing up for individual liberties does not fit the collectivist agenda.

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9. Thursday, April 3: Ralph Heap Fundraiser

Please don't miss this special fundraiser on behalf of Dr. Ralph Heap's candidacy for Arizona Senate in Legislative District 25.  He is running against incumbent Bob Worsley.  

 "Remember, Obamacare is not about health insurance for the poor.  It is about control of one-sixth of our economy," states Dr. Heap.   

“I believe in the promise of America,and I will work hard to fulfill that promise. This is the greatest nation on earth, and its greatness lies in the brilliance of the Constitution. Everything good about America stems from the liberties protected by this majestic document. 

"We stand at a crossroads.  One of the biggest problems we face today is the takeover by the federal government of our healthcare system.  Unless many of us in the medical profession stand up to these bureaucrats, we face a dismal future.  

"From the youngest to the oldest, from the healthiest to the sickest, no one will be untouched by this federal power grab.  I hope to accomplish many things if I am elected, including fixing our healthcare system, preserving the Constitution, reigning in the EPA, strengthening our schools, supporting our law enforcement officers,  lowering taxes, decreasing regulations, and shrinking government.  Preserving liberty means less government and more individual freedom. That is my goal.”

Dr. Ralph Heap's Biography

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10. Another Chance to Weaken Common Core's Death Grip - Say YES to HB2316

By now you have probably heard that 5 Republican senators joined the Democrat Bloc and voted down both SB1395 and SB1396.  They are the same 5 senators who voted FOR Medicaid Expansion:  Adam Driggs (LD28), John McComish (LD18), Steve Pierce (LD1), Michele Reagan (LD23), Bob Worsley (LD25).

John McComish decided not to run for re-election about 5 minutes after Tom Morrissey entered the race.  Tom is a clear conservative choice.  HERE is the link to his website.  HERE is the link to his Facebook page.

Michele Reagan won’t be running for re-election, because she is running for Secretary of State.   Obviously, we do NOT support that effort.

Bob Worsley has an excellent challenger, Dr. Ralph Heap.  Please read more about Dr. Heap and support his candidacy.  His website is getting a face lift.  In the meantime, HERE is his Facebook page.   Also HERE is his donations page!  There is a Comedy Night Fundraiser coming up in April.  


This bill will be heard in the Senate Committee on Education tomorrow, March 20 at 9 am.  There are 9 senators on this committee, 6 of whom are Republicans.  If you are registered on the RTS system, please offer your comments of support for this bill.  You can find the email addresses of the 6 Republican senators (Chester Crandell, David Farnsworth, Al Melvin, Rick Murphy, Kelli Ward, Kimberly Yee) HERE

The summary of this bill doesn’t do it justice. Check Provisions #1 through #10.   

Here is Provision #3:  Prohibits ADE from requiring the adoption of specific curricula or instructional approaches.”  How many times have you heard the constant chant from John Huppenthal and the entire Arizona Department of Education “Team" stating that ACCS is a set of "standards."     “It isn’t curriculum.  It isn’t curriculum.  It isn’t curriculum.” 

Now take a look at these statements made by Ze’ev Wurman (an expert on mathematics standards and assessment) in this March 19, 2014 article titled The Education of Mr. Gates:

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