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1. Jake Hoffman for Queen Creek Council: Op-Ed

Queen Creek Council candidate Jake Hoffman recently published an Op-Ed that appeared in AZ Central titled My Turn: 3 ways to spend new Queen Creek money.  

I invite you to read it and comment.  Always forward thinking, Hoffman was the clearest, most conservative voice during his term as a Higley Unified School District board member.  In like manner, Jake Hoffman has laid out a plan for how  Queen Creek can best utilize the new mid-decade census money it is slated to receive over the next four years.  With a town in desperate need of roads and a gross indebtedness of nearly $200 million, it is of paramount importance that this new revenue be strategically earmarked to address Queen Creek's most pressing priorities.

Jake has asked that you vote for both him and Natasha Schaeler to the town council on August 30.  They will be consistent voices for the priorities that matter most to Queen Creek citizens.

Click HERE to read Jake Hoffman's recent Op-Ed.

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2. Gilbert Watch Voting Recommendations: Nov. 4, 2014 Election!
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3. Gilbert Watch and Gila Watch - Republican Choices in the Primary
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4. Frank Riggs for Governor: Closing Argument
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5. Remember when Scott Smith Endorsed Bob Worsley for AZ Senate?

Scott Smith, after knowing Bob Worsley for 30 years, called Worsley a "conservative."    

Bob Worsley won that race for Arizona Senate in 2012, against Russell Pearce.  So, how did Bob Worsley, the "conservative," perform during his tenure?  Not only did he vote for expanding Medicaid in Arizona, but he also voted with the Democrats more than the Democrat Minority Leader Chad Campbell.  According to Americans For Prosperity, Sen. Worsley earned himself a Hero of Big Government rating.

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6. Walk for Dr. Ralph Heap on May 2 and May 3 - Arizona Senate (LD25)

Please support Dr. Ralph Heap in his campaign to replace incumbent Arizona Senator Bob Worsley (LD25).  Worsley is not only an "establishment" politician who voted for expanding Medicaid in Arizona, but he also voted with the Democrats more than the Democrat Minority Leader Chad Campbell.  According to Americans For Prosperity, Sen. Worsley earned himself a Hero of Big Government rating.

This weekend is a two day walk.....Either Friday night from 4:30pm to 6:00pm  AND/OR  Saturday 8:30am to 10:00am. 

Please join the final Petition Drive of the campaign! 

Meet at the Campaign Headquarters at 3535 E. Brown Road, Suite 101, Mesa. 

CALL Barbara at 480-577-9094 for any questions or details.  

All the training and supplies are provided.  It will be so easy!  It'll be great.  

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7. Goodyear Mayor Trashes Conservatives as Reason for Supporting Diane Landis

In an unusual move for Republican Party politics, Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord decided to endorse Litchfield Park City Councilwoman Diane Landis in her race against State Representatives Steve Montenegro and Darin Mitchell in large part because Montenegro and Mitchell were both conservatives and, as she put it, “What have conservatives ever accomplished at the federal or state level?  Nothing, except saying ‘No!’” 

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8. Tax/Spender Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord Denigrates Conservative Starts Steve Montenegro and Darin Mitchell
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9. Congratulations to Robert Graham, the new Chairman of the AZ GOP

Yesterday's Statutory Meeting, January 26, 2013, of the Republican State Committee drew 1,512 elected delegates; 927 in person and 585 by proxy. Robert Graham received 1,000 votes to challenger Doug Little's 430. Linda White was elected AZ GOP Party Secretary, over Lynne Breyer, and Timothy Lee, who ran unopposed, was elected Treasurer by acclimation.

Graham is a graduate of Arizona State University and is the author of Job Killers: The American Dream in Reverse.

He ran on promising to professionally manage the state party and respect grassroots conservatives and Tea Party members.

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10. Doug Little Responds to a Recent Email from Senator Russell Pearce

No one has been more supportive of Russell Pearce than Gilbert Watch. Unfortunately, Senator Pearce has sent out an email that has grievously mischaracterized Doug Little's true stands on critical issues. Senator Pearce's email took statements out of context, and twisted Doug Little's meaning in other statements. If you were the recipient of this unfortunate email, please see Doug Little's response.  Also, for more Truth about Doug Little, please read Doug Little's Presentation on Gun Rights and the Second Amendment

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