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1. Darla Dawald to be Special Guest on Russell Pearce Show - Saturday Night

Please tune in to 960 AM The Patriot and join former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce and special guest Darla Dawald on Saturday, April 5 at 7:00 pm.  Darla is running for the Arizona State Legislature in LD8 against Frank Pratt and T J Shope.  Both of these men voted for the Medicaid Expansion.   Darla is a constitutional conservative and the National Director of the Patriot Action Network.

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2. The Russell Pearce Show: 960AM The Patriot

The Russell Pearce Show has launched on 960AM The Patriot;  Arizona’s leading conservative hits weekend primetime radio

(Phoenix, AZ)—The Russell Pearce Show has officially launched on 960AM The Patriot, serving the Phoenix media market and also available live online to a national audience. 960AM The Patriot is owned by Salem Communications, a prominent national Christian and conservative media and publishing company which 99 radio stations in 38 markets, and the conservative blogs and 

The Russell Pearce Show airs live in prime time every Saturdays from 7:00PM to 8:00PM, immediately following Liberty Storm with Shane Krauser, and will feature weekly guests and take calls from listeners. The audience call-in number is (602) 508-0960

“I am thrilled to once again bring a strong conservative voice to Arizona’s airwaves,” said Russell Pearce. “And I’m excited to continue being a thorn in the side of liberals who think America’s best days are long gone. They’re wrong. Our nation is worth fighting for and Arizona Constitutional conservatives and Tea Party Patriots are proof.” 

The Russell Pearce Show will soon launch a corresponding website, Facebook and Twitter page, and Pearce said he would continue his state and national speaking engagements to further energize conservatives in 2014 and beyond.

For more information about former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce:

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3. Arizona Constitution Seminar: 11/23/2013

Did you know that the Arizona Constitution is comprised of only 108 pages?  Here's the link.  The United States Constitution, including all 27 Amendments is comprised of only 21 pages.  Here's the link.  Did you know that the Arizona Constitution provides more individual protections in some areas than the U.S. Constitution, but that it also contains some of the most destructive, progressive elements as well?  Have you heard of the Black Robe Regiment, and its recent resurgence?  Here's the link.   Did you know that more than ever in the history of America, our religious liberties are being assaulted, and Alliance Defending Freedom is doing all possible to help?  Were you aware that when the IRS informs you that you must submit to an audit, they are violating the Fourth Amendment, unless they have obtained a search warrant and proved probable causethat you have broken a law?  Here's the link.  

We learned this and much more at the 11/23/2013 seminar that was organized by Sue Goodchild and held at the Living Faith Center in Prescott Valley.  The cost was a mere $20, and included a wonderful catered lunch.

The speakers were Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Arizona Senator Chester Crandell (LD6), former Arizona Senator and Justice of the Peace Lester Pearce, and Shane Krauser, the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education.

It was eye opening. 

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne spoke about some of the more positive aspects of provisions found in the Arizona Constitution.  He first noted the Preamble, which is similar to the U.S. Constitution as well as other states' constitutions all across America: 

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4. Medicaid Expansion Presentation: August 20, Leisure World

Please come to hear former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce tomorrow, August 20, at 7:00 pm, who will make a presentation on “Medicaid Expansion in Arizona."  This event will be held in the Rec 1 Ballroom at Leisiure World, 908 S. Power Rd. Please come to learn all you can about this issue.   Ask to be directed to the Pearce event at the main gate.  There will be a table set up for people to sign petitions.  Contact: Diane Andersen 480 395-5515 for more details.

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5. Chicago Shootings since Wednesday: 55, 9 Dead

As of Saturday morning, July 6, fifty-five people have been shot across Chicago since Wednesday.  Nine are dead.  Two boys, ages 5 and 7 among those seriously hurt.  Chicago, with a population of 2.7 million people, has some of the most stringent gun laws in America.  Chicago is home to President Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Arizona has some of the least stringent gun laws in America.  You do not even need to own a concealed carry permit to carry a firearm.  In Phoenix, with a population of 1.4 million people, as of last Wednesday, through Saturday morning, no one was shot, and no one lay dead.

Question:  Do gun laws keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and the insane?   No, gun laws keep firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens who use them to protect themselves.  

For more information, see Just Facts - Gun Control.  You also might want to thank Russell Pearce for standing up for Arizona citizens in protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.  While an Arizona Senator, he authored SB1108,  making Arizona #1 in the nation in Second Amendment freedoms.   See The Russell Pearce Record.

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6. 1070 Turns Three While Amnesty Looms

by Sen. Russell Pearce, former president of the Arizona State Senate and current board member of the Arizona Conservative club and chairman of  Portions of this article appeared in the May 12, 2013 Sunday edition of the Arizona Republic.

SB-1070 has been extremely successful!

SB-1070 is now three years old.  All but a few small pieces have been upheld as constitutional by the highest court in the land, and “America’s toughest anti-illegal immigration law” is not only on the books here in Arizona, but working quite well.  Crime rates are dramatically down.  Our state, county, and city governments have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in K-12 education with fewer illegal aliens in the classrooms, and saved tens of millions more in social services.

Illegal aliens have taken lives.  More than a dozen Phoenix police officers have been killed or maimed by illegal aliens.  Cochise County rancher Robert Krentz was murdered during the debate on SB 1070.  Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered near the border, and the list goes on.

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7. 3 Propositions: Russell Pearce's Arguments For and Against

The Hon. Russell Pearce, former President of the Arizona State Senate, has submitted the following Arguments either For or Against the following Propositions that will appear on the November 6, 2012 ballot.

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8. The Russell Pearce Record

Many people don't know much about Russell Pearce's life. They don't know how his difficult and challenging childhood influenced him for the good, or that he saved a small child from drowning, or that he was critically shot in the hand and chest in the line of duty, for which he was awarded the Medal of Valor--the highest award given in law enforcement for exceptional bravery. They don't know about his accomplishments as Chief Deputy in the Sheriff's Department, and later as Director of Motor Vehicles, or that he served admirably as a Judge. And they also don't know about his exemplary record of accomplishments while serving in the Arizona House of Representatives and the Senate.

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9. Statement from Congressman Trent Franks

“When you ask voters what they want in an elected official, they say they want someone with courage and principles. Someone who will do what is right even when it is the tough thing to do. That describes Russell Pearce, and that is why I stand with Russell and urge every Republican to do so as well.”

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10. The Russell Pearce Record: Part 2

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