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11. Jake Hoffman for Queen Creek Council: Op-Ed

Queen Creek Council candidate Jake Hoffman recently published an Op-Ed that appeared in AZ Central titled My Turn: 3 ways to spend new Queen Creek money.  

I invite you to read it and comment.  Always forward thinking, Hoffman was the clearest, most conservative voice during his term as a Higley Unified School District board member.  In like manner, Jake Hoffman has laid out a plan for how  Queen Creek can best utilize the new mid-decade census money it is slated to receive over the next four years.  With a town in desperate need of roads and a gross indebtedness of nearly $200 million, it is of paramount importance that this new revenue be strategically earmarked to address Queen Creek's most pressing priorities.

Jake has asked that you vote for both him and Natasha Schaeler to the town council on August 30.  They will be consistent voices for the priorities that matter most to Queen Creek citizens.

Click HERE to read Jake Hoffman's recent Op-Ed.

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12. Gilbert Unified School District wants to raise our property taxes again? Vote NO! NO!

Gilbert Watch thanks Lina Hatch for this article.  Ms. Hatch is a Gilbert resident and LD17 Precinct Committeeman.  

10% Property Tax Override (increase!) PLUS $98 Million dollar Bond (debt!)

Vote NO Override! Vote NO Bond!

There will be no election day voting – you must mail in your ballot before Oct. 30th

The combined 26% increase in our property taxes for a home assessed at $170,000 is $270 per year higher tax. That’s a huge increase! And it will be much higher for owners of commercial, agricultural, and vacant property, as well as for business property owners!  See pages 4 and 22 of the Publicity Pamphlet.

Gilbert Unified School District has the 3rd highest primary property tax rate in Maricopa County – 5.2599%! It has more than doubled in 4 years! The rate has increased to make up for the loss of previous override dollars – without any voter approval!  (See chart below.  In 2011, the primary property rate was 2.4425.  In 2015, it is 5.2599.)

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13. Gilbert Unified School District Teacher Raises
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14. Gilbert Public Schools November 3, 2015 Special Tax Increase Election

Gilbert voters will be making some serious decisions in a few days:  1) Should I vote YES or NO to increasing my Primary property taxes through an override?  2) Should I vote YES or NO to increasing my Secondary taxes by helping to pay for a $98 million bondThis article addresses question #1.  (Ballots will be mailed in the next few days.  For Gilbert Public School's (GPS) extensive publicity on this Special Election, click HERE.)  

The Override

If you vote YES to the Gilbert Public Schools override, because you believe the following Pro Argument statement made by Mr. Justin Plumb, you will be casting your vote based on seriously deceptive information.

“...with only one 1.6% raise and no movement on the salary schedule for experience in seven years it’s no wonder many teachers are leaving Gilbert and moving to other districts.“

Click HERE to read Mr. Plumb’s misleading statement, which appears on page 26 in the Publicity Pamphlet.    

The Truth is that teachers have had 5 increases in pay in just the last 4 years, as follows:

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15. Gilbert Wellness & Resources Center Proposal - One Resident's Opinion

It is concerning that the Town of Gilbert wants to get into a public/private partnership to offer healthcare.  The proposal before the town council clearly states that one of the private agencies would “act as the lead agency and the Town’s management organization for daily operations for the facility.”  The organizational chart has the Town of Gilbert at the top with all the private entities underneath.  This isn’t just a matter of the town paying for the building and letting other private entities use it, it is actually a partnership.  

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16. Gilbert's Plan to Confiscate and Redistribute More of Your Family's Hard Earned Money

In a previous post, I noted that 5 of 7 Gilbert Council members earned themselves the rank of Heroes of Big Government by AFP-Arizona.  Thursday night, they plan to reduce your individual liberty and prosperity even more by:  1) Confiscating more of your family's resources by raising your Secondary Property tax rate; and 2) Using tax dollars to join a "collective" effort to build the Gilbert Wellness & Resource Center, which will offer free and reduced services.

These 5 Council members will make it all sound very reasonable and "charitable."  It would be, if they were using their own money, or if they encouraged you to give from your personal resources.  But their idea of charity is stealing from you and giving it to someone else. 

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17. Mesa's Debt Bomb: Vote NO to all Four Bond Issues
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18. Why do Voters say YES to Overrides?
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19. Higley Superintendent Birdwell's $500 Donation to Venessa Whitener Raises Ethical Concerns
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20. Payson Board Member Wrong about the Gilbert School District
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