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1. You may know society is doomed when you see....

You may know society is doomed when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you; [and] when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice. 

Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged", 1957

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2. Lindblom and Lewis and their Questionable Endorsements

Jimmy Lindblom is running as a conservative against proven conservative, Warren Petersen, for the open Senate seat in LD12.  LaCinda Lewis is running as a conservative against proven conservative Eddie Farnsworth and Travis Grantham for one of the House seats in LD12.

Lindblom's website cites Protecting Individual Freedoms • Limited Government • Local Control • Education Advocate • Business Friendly.  Under the heading "Media", you will see several flyers, including one titled "Our Conservative Team for the State Legislature," which includes LaCinda Lewis as his team mate.  (See below.)

Lewis touts Family - Education - Economy from a  a "unique conservative perspective."

It’s hard to fathom why voters would believe that Lindblom and Lewis are conservatives.   Conservatives abide by the Republican platform.  They work very hard to stand up for and defend those principles.  RINO’s and Democrats don’t.  Why work hard when it's easier to vote for something that sounds good.    

Lindblom and Lewis have listed many endorsements they have received from local leaders.  Gilbert Watch took a look at some of those endorsements. 

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3. Itasca Small for Arizona Senate (LD25): DEFEAT Bob Worsley!

Itasca Small is an official write-in candidate running against Bob Worsley in LD25.  Ms. Small is a long-time supporter and activist for Arizona's sovereign rights, local control over education, and stopping the Common Core machine.  She is pro-Bill of Rights, Parental Rights, and Individual Liberty.  She is against the misuse of tax dollars, including subsidizing corporate welfare and taxpayer-paid entitlement programs, such as ObamaCare (Medicaid Expansion). Her campaign slogan is "Liberty Begins in our Own Backyard!  SMALL for small government!"  

Itasca is not a passive observer of the Arizona Legislature; rather, she has spent hundreds of hours at our State Capitol as a citizen lobbyist, defending both our U.S. Constitution and Arizona Constitution, and.educating legislators on the proper role of government.  

I have known and worked with Ms. Small on many occasions.  She is unapologetically passionate about her convictions. Yet, she is always open, respectful, and gracious when responding to differing views.  Her humility is refreshing.    See her article titled Arizona Standards Committee Working on a Faulty Premise

States Ms. Small, "I am not a natural speaker.  But God gives me the words, and, in spite of my aversion to public speaking, live audiences are usually inspired by my message.  I'm thankful that God helps me to do as well as I do." 

If you want a candidate who will be faithful to her Oath of Office, please write in Itasca Small for Arizona Senate (LD25).  

In this short video clip from a meeting in November, 2015, she spontaneously and passionately speaks to some issues relating to Common Core.  

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4. Itasca Small for LD25 Senate: Event Schedule

Itasca Small will be speaking at the AzRA (Arizona Republican Assembly) East Valley Chapter Meeting on Tuesday, August 2The meeting is at the City of Mesa Fire Station 201, 360 E. 1st Street, Mesa. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. and adjourns at 8:30 p.m. 

Itasca will be at the Mesa Republican Women's Luncheon on August 4 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The meeting is held at 1900 E. University Dr., Mesa, AZ 85213, Northwest corner of University Dr. and Gilbert Rd. Riviera Plaza.

Ms. Small has been invited to Marlene Hinton's home on Sunday, August 7. It is open to anyone who wants to come. Marlene typically invites a couple of candidates in each of the main races to come represent themselves and answer questions. Please call 480-205-5178 for the address. 

For more information on Itasca Small, please read Itasca Small for Arizona Senate (LD25): DEFEAT Bob Worsley! also Bob Worsley's Anti-Parent Votes

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5. Gilbert Watch Supports Warren Petersen for Arizona Senate

It has never been more important than now to elect solid conservatives with a voting record that backs up their rhetoric.  So it is with Warren Petersen, who is running for Arizona Senate in LD12.  As a state representative, he stood up for families and the unborn, for local support and control of education, and for the independent business person.  His votes are testimony to his fight against overbearing regulations that hurt businesses and our economy.  He has repeatedly protected our Second Amendment rights.  Rep. Petersen is very knowledgeable about complex issues, and he knows how to protect the hard-working taxpayer from the big spenders at the Capitol.

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Tags: American Values, Arizona Legislature, Pro Life, Families, Education, Common Core, AzMERIT, Free Market, Religious Freedom, Second Amendment
6. Warren Petersen 2016 - Family, Freedom, Economy, Prosperity

Below are a few bills that Rep. Petersen introduced or sponsored that were signed into law:

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Tags: American Values, Pro Life, Free Market, Education, Second Amendment
7. John Galt Youth Award: Caitlin Marble

Republican Legislative District 12 announces our third recipient of the John Galt Youth Award: Caitlin Marble. Caitlin is employed by Snow Property Services. She is responsible for her spending money and clothes. She is also saving for college and will attend BYU after graduation from Highland High School. Caitlin is the second oldest of eight children and chief babysitter while her mother teaches violin lessons. She is First Chair and President of the “Strolling Strings.” Caitlin also volunteers with Special Olympics and the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome. She is very active in church activities, always leading with a positive attitude. The award was presented at the Republican LD12 district meeting on June 12, 2014 by District Chairman Mickie Niland. Caitlin’s parents and siblings were in attendance to support her achievement. We are very proud of Caitlin and all her accomplishments.  

Pictured with Caitlin are her parents Greg and Jennifer Marble, LD12 Chairman Mickie Niland and First Vice Chair Jason Mick.

Who is John Galt?
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8. The Strike

What would John Galt do in our present circumstances?  The producers in Ayn Rand's classic novel  Atlas Shrugged escaped the looters by relocating to mythical Galt's Gulch.  Where is Galt's Gulch today? Where can ordinary, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens go to escape the looters?  We are the government's milk cows, their ATMs, their checkbooks.  Those being carried in the wagon outnumber those who are pulling it.  Congress refuses to defund the very agencies that are crippling us.  The Left calls us every insulting, degrading name imaginable.  Yet, we are the engine that supports most of them.  

What if...

...hypothetically...there was a day, a certain day, when all the producers across America called in sick?  Also, on that day, the producers bought ....nothing, and they didn't make up for it later.  They simply "cut back"?  

What would happen?      

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9. John Galt Youth Award: Sean Christopher O’Bannon

Republican Legislative District 12 would like to announce our second recipient of the John Galt Youth Award: Sean Christopher O’Bannon. The first recipient was Jerren Heward.  Sean is a self-motivated 17 year old who worked at Burger King, Sunbusters Window Tinting, and The Van’s Store. Sean sought employment advice from great adult role models learning the following skills to gain employment:  resume writing, job search techniques, networking, and interviewing techniques. Sean is a strong member of his Church and is active in leadership roles in the youth group. He volunteers regularly to help others in need and is always pleasant, hardworking, and productive.

Robin O’Bannon, Sean’s mother, accepted the John Galt Youth Award for her son May 8, 2014 at the Republican Legislative District 12 meeting. We are proud of Sean and all his accomplishments.      

Who is John Galt?
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10. Meet and Greet for Emilena Turley: Special Guests - Matt Salmon and Warren Petersen

Please attend a Meet and Greet tomorrow, June 5, for Emilena Turley, candidate for Queen Creek Town Council.  Please see below for details.

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