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31. U. S. Department of Education: In Your Face Celebrating Gay Marriage

Did you see that the U.S. Department of Education's Facebook profile was recently changed to honor and celebrate the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage?  Here it is:


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32. Why Parents are Opting Their Children out of the AZMerit Exam

From the website Opt Out AZ

"What are some of the problems with AZMerit?

•  It is unconstitutional and violates the 4th Amendment. Personally identifiable information will be collected on your student and can be distributed among companies and organizations that participated in the development and implementation of the Common Core Standards. This data will also be stored by the U.S. Department of Education and can become part of your student’s permanent record.

•  AIR (who administers the AZMerit) is a behavioral research organization. Behavioral research is usually administered to people who have severe cognitive or communication disabilities to determine why they demonstrate inappropriate behaviors. Why is a behavior based research organization testing children who are attending normal schools? This question should be asked by every parent.

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33. Common Core's Final Legacy: Educational Malpractice and Child Abuse

Would you try to teach a newborn to walk?  Of course not.  You wouldn’t do it, because it isn’t developmentally appropriate.  It would be considered child abuse to force newborns to “persevere” day in and day out to do something their brains and bodies aren’t biologically ready to do.  It would also be child abuse to test, test, test them on their “progress.”  Then, if they fail  arbitrary “benchmarks,” identify them for “progress monitoring.” 

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34. School Administrators (aka "Gaggle of Nitwits") at Ashton Ranch Elementary

"When teachers saw what happened, they hauled Eric into the principal’s office where he was forced to sign a document that labeled his actions “sexual misconduct.” Eric received detention as punishment.

"Martinez says she was not present for the meeting and not notified about the incident until after the fact."

Not mentioned in the article are the names of the principal and assistant principal, or their contact information.  So, here they are:

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35. Kindergarten Teacher Speaks Against Common Core: Braves Intimidation by School District and Governing Board

At a state Senate education hearing, a kindergarten teacher from Sikeston, Missouri, described that she has been intimidated by both her school district and the local school board for speaking out against the Common Core Learning Standards.

As reported by Missouri Torch, Susan Kimball testified Wednesday in support of Missouri SB 514 and SB 798. SB 514 “prohibits the State Board of Education, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and school districts from implementing the Common Core State Standards.” SB 798 “modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education standards and assessments.”

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36. Education is a System of Indoctrination of the Young: Noam Chomsky

Say what you will about Noam Chomsky, the Leftist-Libertarian-Socialist who dabbles in anarchy.  The fact is, he understands and articulates very well what America's government schools are doing:  They are indoctrinating our children to be obedient to the State and to not question authority, their government, or bureaucratic "experts."  Think of this when your child attempts to present scientific evidence that refutes Global Warming and Darwinism.   Think of when you see otherwise thinking individuals such as Gilbert Town Council members who "struggle" to vote against their bureaucratic advisors and the ICC (International Code Council), even when an overwhelming number of citizens know that the codes are unnecessary.   

He has stated that "with regard to freedom of speech there are basically two positions: you defend it vigorously for views you hate, or you reject it and prefer Stalinist/fascist standards."  He has also stated that "Obama, first of all, is running the biggest terrorist operation that exists, maybe in history."

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37. Political Correctness Fits the Leftist Narrative in Arizona's Schools

When many Arizona-educated children finally learn that they have been lied to by those in charge of their Schools, who will they blame?  It is imperative that parents find out what is being taught to their children.  Parents should be exremely careful about turning their children over to the schools at earlier and earlier ages. Unless your child is being taught by a teacher who knows how to, on his or her own, ignore and replace the "suggested" texts that are embedded in Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards (aka Common Core State Standards), your child is learning the Leftist narrative described by Bill Whittle in the following video. Many of America's schools have become institutions of educational malpractice.

Shouldn't Arizona's children be getting an education that builds strong character, which comes from studying the ideals and values of the great men and women of history, including those who founded the American nation?  Shouldn't they be learning about the lives, beliefs and accomplishments of the heroes of America – Our founding fathers and mothers – and to better understand the values and principles which governed their lives and upon which they built the American nation, thus preserving our free nation in return?

"I am working really hard to be an optimist in this situation, but I am having a hard time seeing how these suggested texts benefit, protect, and preserve our country. Are these texts going to be the required texts? Do I have to use these exact excerpts? Every document that I viewed pulls down America’s foundation."  Cara Palmer, American History Teacher in How the Two Align:  Common Core State Standards and Heritage Academy's American History Curriculum.  


"What are the messages that emerge from the two different objectives of the Common Core State Standards and Heritage Academy? Do these objectives align themselves? The answer, after looking at all the details, is no. They do not align. Is it not ironic that a school that teaches principles of liberty, meant to sustain and preserve our nation, is now being forced to accept and implement standards with an opposing objective and purpose? Does this seem right? Why is focusing on the founding fathers and principles of America not the focus of the Common Core Standards"?   Cara Palmer, American History Teacher in How the Two Align:  Common Core State Standards and Heritage Academy's American History Curriculum

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38. Student Kenneth Ye Farragut takes down Common Core in Tennessee

Please note that Kenneth Ye Farragut is a top honors student who has scored 5's on AP Calculus and AP Statistics.  He states, "I am unable to answer or justify the first grade Pearson math question, 'What is a related subtraction sentence?'"  He refers to the public school systems that have adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as "Data Run Factories."  (In Arizona, CCSS is referred to as Arizona College and Career Ready Standards, which is identical to Common Core.)

Please also note that Kenneth Ye Farragut notes that Pearson is the largest educational text sales company in the world.  Bill Gates - one unelected businessman - partnered with Pearson to market Common Core.  Bill Gates also funded the Common Core initiative and paid the PTA and the pro-Common Core think tanks (Fordham Institute, Manhattan Institute, Foundation for Educational Excellence) that advocate for it. He has also paid Achieve, Inc.  Achieve, Inc. had more to do with the development of Common Core than any other single organization.  Bill Gates has publically called American schools his "uniform customer base."  He has said that his goal is for Common Core tests, curriculum, and standards to align.  


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39. Building the Machine: Common Core

Haven't heard of "Common Core"?  If you live anywhere in Arizona, your children are being indoctrinated with Common Core State Standards.   Governor Jan Brewer recently signed Executive Order # 2013-08 which changed its name to Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards.  It's time you found out what YOUR children are learning in your local schools.  By the way, the schools are 90% "on board" with it.  Good teachers are helping your students learn, in spite of Common Core.  You are on your own in learning the Truth about Common Core.  Check out this website, for starters:  Common Core: Education Without Representation.  

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40. Michele Reagan's Kindergarten Sex Education Bill

by Overwatch1776


Lately, many of you have been forwarding video of Obama advocating sex education for Kindergartners. The video was even posted on Drudge earlier this week. (Go to Obama Agreed with mandating Sex Ed classes for Kindergartners.)  

Without a doubt, I am sure all of you found this disturbing, yet unsurprising, considering what we know about Obama.

However, what I found even more disturbing is that in 2009 there was a bill introduced in the Arizona State Legislature that would have started sex education in Arizona schools in Kindergarten- exactly what Obama was advocating. Worse still, there was one Republican sponsor of this bill - Michele Reagan (See HB2544). 

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