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21. The Language of Liberty: June 24, Mesa

A very wise Queen Creek mother and grand-mother recently said to me:  "I'm very worried about our young people.  They aren't being taught the principles of liberty.  Young people don't know that the Founders created the Constitution, in order to protect them from the chains of captivity, and to encourage self-determination, prosperity, and peace. They don't understand that the Founders of America had experienced tyrannical governments, and that they risked their own lives and fortunes when they signed the Declaration of Independence.  Young Americans need to know." 

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22. Center for Self Governance: Upcoming Classes

It isn't enough to fight for our issues, if we haven't learned how to keep our Republic in the process.  These classes in Self-Governance teach us not only how to keep our Republic, but also to educate our Legislators and Neighbors on how to keep it. 

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Tags: Constitution, Bill of Rights
23. Rusty Humphries: Sneakin' In to the USA

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Tags: Illegal Aliens, Constitution, Obama
24. Please Make Phone Calls to Stop Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty! Don't Stop Making those Phone Calls!

Please call Congress, your Arizona legislators, the Governor, and the Governor-Elect on Friday, November 21 and every day thereafter, until the following message sinks in: 



"The Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse.  I expect the Republicans in Congress to use it and defund anything connected with executive orders Obama issues regarding immigration.  What action will you be taking on this issue?"


Arizona Legislators, Governor Brewer, and Governor-Elect Ducey:


"On Nov. 4, Arizonans approved Prop 122 , an amendment to the Arizona Constitution to reject unconstitutional federal actions.   On Nov. 20, Barack Obama illegally granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.  Not only is this an unconstitutional federal action, but it will also cost Arizona citizens incalculable taxpayer dollars. You are the firewall between Arizona citizens and a lording Obama.  What actions do you intend to take?"  


Follows is a list of those you should call.  Be polite and be brief.  You might be talking to a 20- year old intern who will only be answering the phone and keeping track of the calls.

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Tags: Constitution, Illegal Aliens, Obama, Arizona Constitution
25. Will Governors Use their Powers to Stop Obama?

The November election favored Republicans for only one reason:  STOP OBAMA!   Governorships were won by Republicans, often in Democratic states, for one reason: STOP OBAMA!  "Governors and state legislatures have the ability to tell Obama and the Feds: not in my backyard"! 

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Tags: Constitution, Illegal Aliens, Obama
26. Open Letter to Doug Ducey: Please Stand Up Against Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty!
Tags: Illegal Aliens, Obama, Constitution, Arizona Constitution
27. Arizona Capitol: Article V Debate on Thursday, Nov. 13
Tags: Constitution
28. Gilbert, Arizona Named 20th Best Place to Live in the USA
Tags: Constitution, School Board, Schools, Town Council
29. Why is Independence so Frightening to Some People?
Tags: Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Constitution
30. Constitution Week USA - Gilbert - September 17 - 24
Tags: Constitution

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