Nielson Ray's Response to Town Management's Proposed Amendments to the 2012 ICC Codes.

Gilbert Watch recently published Gilbert Sticks a Branding Iron in Our Eye.  Nielson Ray sent the following email to the Town Council and other interested parties after he read Larry Taylor's proposed Amendments, which are referenced in that article.   Mr. Taylor is the Town's Plan Review and Inspection Manager.    

To whom it may concern,

In 2008 all building in Arizona was going through a hard time. Materials were expensive, land prices were through the roof, workers were demanding more pay, and the economy crashed.  Future home owners could not get loans, and jobs were getting hard to find.  Many builders and contractors went out of business.

What were the cities doing to help the building industry to keep going or help new homeowners to be able to build in their cities?  In Gilbert's case, they did little to help. They were even going to pass the 2009 ICC codes into law.  But builders in Arizona lobbied to the state legislature to pass a law that did not allow municipalities to adopt any newer building codes during the Great Recession. (A.R.S. 9-805).

Without the builders letting the state know the impact of the new codes, Gilbert would have passed the 2009 ICC codes into law and forced even more builders, contractors, and future home buyers out of Gilbert.

The 2012 ICC building codes have all the new code upgrades that the 2009 ICC codes would've implemented plus more overly restrictive codes in it.  

Is our economy that much better now than it was in 2009?  Can builders, contractors, and future homeowners be able to afford and comply with the new overly restrictive codes better now than 4 years ago?  Will you not listen to builders at local meetings and force them to fight these restrictions in the field or at the state level like they have done in the past? 

I don't understand why you would feel that you have a duty to keep passing overly restrictive and very costly Laws onto the Building Industry. This will not help Gilbert be a better town.

Every law passed should be asked one question: Does this take freedom away from the people or does it protect the freedom of the people? The 2012 ICC codes do nothing but take freedom away from the people. 

Nielson Ray