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11. Socialism versus Capitalism

Socialism:  People lined up for bread.

Capitalism:  Bread lined up for people.  

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12. John Galt Youth Award

Legislative District 12 recently selected Jarren Heward of Queen Creek to receive its first John Galt Youth Award.  Pictured with Jarren are Representatives Warren Petersen and Eddie Farnsworth (LD12) and Senate President Andy Biggs (LD12). 

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13. Thank You to 3 Council Members for Voting NO to the 2012 ICC Building Codes

Dear Council Members Victor Petersen, Jared Taylor, and Eddie Cook,

Thank you for acknowledging the 65 citizens who, on Nov. 7, 2013, spoke out, sent emails, or put their names on a list objecting to the passage of the 2012 ICC building codes.  Thank you for voting No.  I'm sorry that your 4 colleagues passed the codes, against Gilbert families, self-employed builders, and the Free Market.  To them, Liberty is a quaint philosophy, nothing more. 

Thank you for understanding the issues that many of these citizens have brought to your attention for the last several months about the damage that a proliferation of building codes has done to those who must adhere to them, and to those who must pay for them. 

Thank you for seeing that, no matter how much taxpayer money you spend to “train the bureaucracy to be consistent,” you are only adding an ineffective government fix to a government-induced problem.  There will never be consistency within Gilbert, and there will never be consistency among jurisdictions.  Yet, the myth prevails.  Thanks for not believing it.   

Thank you for realizing that the SBA, Chamber of Commerce, and SRP do not speak for Gilbert families. The SBA has been right on many issues, but unfortunately, not on this one.  I doubt if most SBA and Chamber of Commerce members could tell you what ICC stands for, let alone be able to offer an educated opinion about it.   Those who profit financially from higher priced products might like them, however.  Money and power does strange things to people with loosely held “principles.”

Thank you for honestly appreciating the time, effort, research, and meetings that the unpaid citizens have spent for months doing their best to educate the rest of the Council members.  These citizens have invested their own personal, private time, which they have taken away from their businesses and families.  I’m sure it has been a sacrifice to their families, who have supported them as they have exerted their Civic Authority.  These citizens remind me of something I read once.  It’s obvious that you are familiar with this sentence:  --And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Thank you for understanding that some people in the construction industry are delighted with the code mandates because it means more profit for them.  I know this is true, because, as the previous owners of a swimming pool service and repair business, my husband and I stood to make 5 and 6 times more commission by selling energy efficient variable speed motors.  I fought against that legislation, at my own expense, because our customers trusted us to provide the best product for the best price.  The variable speeds are a sham.  We refused to “fleece” our customers and cowardly hide behind “It’s not our fault.  It’s those darned regulations.”  Our customers didn’t even know about our fight, nor did they care.  But we knew, we cared, and so did our God. 

Thank you for understanding that the Free Market responds to an ever changing building/construction environment in an instant, and it adjusts quickly.  The ICC’s codes take years to catch up.  A mandated code can be faulty, worthless, or even dangerous, but “it’s code,” so the law prevails anyway.

Mostly, thank you for recognizing the Truth.  This fight hasn’t been about the newest, best, safest, most energy efficient and greenest building materials.  It has been a fight between Centralized Governance versus Individual Self Governance.  The building/construction experts throughout this battle have been fighting for Liberty and Individual Self Governance.

In the name of God, Family, and Civic Duty

Anita Christy
Gilbert Watch

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14. Thank You Ted Cruz
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15. Gilbert Town Council Votes AGAINST Gilbert Families, Homeowners, Free Market - ICC Codes Pass

The November 7, 2013 Town Council Meeting provided Gilbert Watch with the saddest and most telling evidence to date that proves that 4 out of 7 Town Council members have lost their ability to represent their constituents, unless those constituents are the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Alliance, SRP, Town Officials, and neighboring jurisdictions.   These Council members include Mayor John Lewis, Vice Mayor Ben Cooper, and Council members Jenn Daniels and Jordan Ray.  

They approved one of the largest increases in regulations on private property and on the building industry, in Gilbert history. What is truly disappointing is that they did this in spite of having received months of evidence from private citizens for why the Council should  not approve these regulations.  It is also remarkable that the Council is preparing to approve the next round of codes, as dictated by the ICC (International Code Council) for 2015.

Three Council members opposed passage of the Codes:  Victor Petersen, Jared Taylor, and Eddie Cook.  Council member Victor Petersen favored an option which would have allowed passage of only those codes that would have reduced regulation.

Each of these three Council members deserve a Thank You from Gilbert citizens!,, and  


Over the last ten years, the ICC (International Code Council) has morphed into an organization that has forced builders all over America to comply with building codes that no longer address honest, urgent safety issues.  Rather, these ICC codes force everyone to become captive consumers of products that the ICC mandates through its "codes."  The obscene proliferation of these codes also forces builders and everyone in the building and construction industry to comply with an ever increasing time-consuming bureaucracy.  More bureaucrats and more training are needed to ensure they consistently interpret the codes.

Just like the ICC, 4 members of the Gilbert Town Council have morphed into facilitators of Big Government tyranny.  When you watch them reason and justify their rationales, they "sound nice."  But what exactly are they doing?  They are pushing centralized government.  They do not trust the citizenry.

Their actions prove that they do not care about the damage they are doing to families and homeowners who are forced to pay thousands of dollars more than necessary for their homes.  They do not care about the grief these codes have caused self-employed citizens who work in the construction industry who must adhere to these mandates.  They do not understand Free Market principles.  They reject the notion that these people are experts in their fields.  They do not care that many of them have closed their businesses.  They reject clear evidence that the Free Market reacts quickly to changing conditions, and that it's the government-imposed codes that are slow to change.  

Gilbert Watch has reported on the ICC codes for months.  Gilbert citizens and self-employed business people have been emailing and speaking out to the Council for months.  They have been meeting with Town Staff, and supplying tons of research.

At the Nov. 7 meeting, there were 6 citizens who spoke in opposition; 24 citizens had sent letters; there were 19 citizens in the audience who were in opposition but did not speak; and 16 people who were in opposition who submitted their names to a list.   That's 65 citizens documented in the Minutes of the meeting.  And it doesn't count more citizens who showed up to the meeting.  

The Council gave more credence to the representative from the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce, the representative from the Small Business Alliance, and the representative from SRP (Salt River Project).  In fact, I doubt seriously if the members of these organizations have much first-hand experience dealing with these onerous codes.  

There was one citizen who spoke in favor of all the codes, including the Green and Energy Codes.  A quick search revealed that he's a Democrat and a member of Sierra Club.

Here is the Motion that Passed:
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16. Gilbert Builders and Citizens Speak Out Against New 2012 ICC Building Codes
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17. Military Tribute: Thank You Veterans
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18. STOP these Free Market Killing ICC Building Codes in Gilbert - TOWN COUNCIL VOTES THURSDAY, 11/7/2013!

Please see Gordon Ray’s email below. Thanks to the high level of research and persistence of Gordon’s team of dedicated citizens, the Gilbert Town Council is looking at the ICC 2012 Building Codes like they never have in the past.  So far the Council has hit the pause button. 

Tomorrow they vote.  PLEASE send an email and/or attend this meeting to speak out against adoption of these codes.  This email address will reach Mayor John Lewis and all Council members:   Town Hall, 50 E. Civic Center Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85296.

How can any of these codes honestly be about safety issues?  Is your house still standing?  Is every house in Gilbert still standing?  What about all the office buildings, grocery stores, and government buildings?  All were built with tons of previous codes.  None were built with these proposed 2012 Codes!   None of the homes and buildings built without these codes have presented any hazards.  Children haven’t gotten shocked from sticking screwdrivers, paperclips, or anything else into the outlets. 

Please tell the Council:  Even if a code is an improvement, that improvement shouldn’t be made into a law.  The improvement should be a choice between the builder and the person paying for the construction.  Just because some private entities wrote those codes, forcing them on the citizenry is NOT supporting the Free market.  Leave the Free market to compete on its own, without more onerous regulations. 

Enough of Government Regulations at all levels!   All of these monsters got their start at the local level.  Kill the monster while it’s young, before it turns into the Rottweiler that runs your household.    

From: Gordon Ray


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19. America is Great, because America is Good

Dr. Ben Carson at Values Voter Summit 2013.


“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”  Alexis de Tocqueville.

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20. Veterans Storm Washington, DC

Here are a few photos from the Million Vet March that occurred this morning.  Just remember:  Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democrats want to make life as painful and difficult as possible for our country's heroes. 

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