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21. I'm Sorry, Students

What does this video have to do with Arizona? This teacher is talking about the same kind of High Stakes Tests that are given to children here in Arizona as young as 8 years old.  AzMERIT is forced upon students, beginning in the third grade, and every year through high school.  In Arizona, it's AzMERIT; in Utah, it's SAGE;  in Florida it's the FSA. All of these states, including Ohio and others, have paid $Millions to American Institutes for Research, one of the world's largest behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations to create these tests. 

As a parent, have you stood up for your child and opted out of AzMERIT?  Have you stood firm in the face of opposition from teachers, principals, school administrators, and the State?  If not, learn more by clicking HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.  

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22. Sick Days are No Cure for the Assessment Opt-Out Blues

By Vicki Alger, Ph.D.
Author of a forthcoming book on the history of the U.S. Department of Education 

Arizona parents are one step closer to having their assessment opt-out rights affirmed, thanks to Senate Education Committee Chairman Senator Sylvia Allen’s sponsorship of the amended SB 1455.

But affirming parents’ opt-out rights could be sidelined because some senators think it’s unnecessary. "Just keep children home ‘sick’ during the test day. What’s the big deal?”

Testing today isn’t what it used to be some years ago.  We’d show up at school, spend a couple of hours filling in bubbles, and go home. The biggest worry back then was making sure we brought enough number two pencils with us.

These days, parents and students are lucky if they’re even informed about the testing dates far enough in advance to stay home "sick," since assessment periods can span as much as 6 weeks. So there’s no practical way for parents to simply opt-out in absentia.

But here’s the really big deal based on what parents and children endured last spring when a similar opt-out protection bill failed in the Senate by one vote.

Many parents were told that if they kept their children home, their children wouldn’t be allowed back into their classes until they took the assessment.

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23. SB 1455 Parental Opt Out Bill Back on Track! Call Senators NOW to vote YES

SB 1455 will be voted on by Arizona Senators on Monday, March 7, during the "Third Read" at 1:30 pm.  This bill, sponsored by Sen. Sylvia Allen, gives parents the legal authority to opt their children out of the statewide assessment adopted by the State Board of Education, including AzMERIT, with no penalty to the child, school, or school district.  

Please call your and other Senators' offices beginning now and leave a voicemail message.  Follow up again Monday morning.  Ask them to please vote YES to SB 1455 during the Third Read on Monday.  See list of senators, with phone numbers and email addresses, by clicking on this article titled Opt Out Bill Hearing Today (UPDATE).

Last session, a similar bill failed by ONE VOTE.  This session, all senators are under extreme pressure by special interests that stand to gain money, power, school rankings, human cogs in the corporate machine, and private student data by keeping both Common Core and standardized testing in place.  It's an election year for these senators.  Click HERE for the live proceedings and watch how they vote!    

During last Thursday's COW (Committee of the Whole), Senator Allen supported SB1455 by citing  ARS 1-601, which declares the "fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, health care and mental health of their children is a fundamental right."  She also cited ESSA provisions that allow states and parents to opt students out of standardized testing.   

Statewide assessments are among the most controversial and least effective methods of assessing a child’s educational progress. If parents across the country are opting their children out of statewide assessments, there’s a good reason.

For those who are interested in knowing more about  why parents despise AzMERIT and standardized testing, keep reading.  

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24. Will the "Menu of Assessments" Negate the Need for "Parental Opt Out"? NO!

Recently, I posted an article titled Rep. Paul Boyer Won't Allow Parental "Opt Out" Bill to be Heard!  It seems that Rep. Boyer believes that another bill, SB2544 Menu of Assessments, removes the need for HB2056 Parental Opt Out. 

HB2056 needs its “Day in Court.”   H2056 respects the rights of parents to protect their children.  You know, don’t you, that parents and their children, some as young as 8 years old, were literally bullied by principals and teachers into taking AzMerit.   Rep. Boyer and other legislators need to read RTS comments from parents and hear from them during the Committee process.  That won't happen unless HB2056 is put on the agenda.

Truly, legislators will hear from parents if their children’s teachers haven’t designed the test, don’t know what’s on the test, don’t grade the test, and can’t help students correct wrong answers.  Legislators will hear from them if they suspect that the state-mandated test doesn’t truly measure their child’s progress.  Legislators will hear from them if they suspect that their children are being used as guinea pigs to line the pockets of testing companies, data collectors, and textbook companies.  Legislators will hear from them if they suspect that any state-mandated test serves school ratings more than it serves their children.

Here is my “short list” of questions:

1.  AzMerit was adopted without any proof from AIR that it was validated.  Is this not a concern of the Legislature or State Board?  Will you require AIR or any Test Provider to produce a certified copy of industry-standard validity reports?  Such reports would show the test’s construct validity, criterion validity, content validity, concurrent validity, and predictive validity.  

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25. Does John McCain Care More About Dead Boxers than Kids?

Some senators/presidential candidates weren't fooled by the majority opinion that the ESSA (S1177 Every Student Succeeds Act) returns educational decisions to local school districts and the states.    Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul voted NAY for cloture on 12/8/2015.  Paul again voted NAY to the bill on 12/9/2015.  Senator Jeff Flake flip-flopped, initially voting YEA on Tuesday, and NAY on Wednesday.  

Senator Cruz stated:  The bill "continues to propagate the large and ever-growing role of the federal government in our education system---the same federal government that sold us failed top-down standards like Common Core."  

Senator Paul stated:  "While the Senate bill goes a long way to remove federal mandates, it also continues a large federal intrusion into education, therefore I will oppose it."  

Senator John McCain voted YEA both days.  Maybe it was because he finally, after 10 years of trying, got his special wish.  

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26. Hear Our Teachers

"I am tired of hearing people say that kids are protesting the tests and melting down on test days because adults put that attitude in their heads. I am proof that my fellow teachers and I did not start standing up to this UNTIL we saw what it was doing to the kids. If scientists or doctors see people drinking water and getting sick, they warn the public that the water is harmful. But when teachers see students ailing and try to prescribe something to help, we are told to get out of the way. This is an outrage."  Laurie Gabriel, former teacher.  Colorado Springs

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27. Why is Common Core a Problem? Diane Douglas Town Hall Listening Tours

Diane Douglas has been hosting Town Hall "listening" events all over Arizona, giving the public a chance to come to the microphone and speak on whatever public school concern they have.  See below for the schedule of upcoming Town Halls. The hot topic is Common Core.  If you can't attend, you can send an email to Ms. Douglas at

Click HERE to read a sample flyer for details.  This is for the Payson/Globe event coming up June 4.  Please note some points on the Flyer: 1) High Stakes Testing/AzMERIT.  2) Stop Collecting and Distributing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on our children!

High Stakes Testing/AzMERIT

Here are just a few reasons to oppose AzMERIT and any "High Stakes Test" that is being given to Arizona's kids:  

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28. Gina Ray to Speak 5/23 at Prescott Country Club: AzMERIT and Common Core

Please attend this very important seminar featuring Gina Ray, a Gilbert mom who started "Opt Out Arizona."  She will be speaking on the inferior Common Core standards and inappropriate high stakes testing (AzMERIT).  The mother of four children, Ms. Ray had never been involved in politics before.  After seeing her children experience the negative effects of Common Core, she began reading and researching the entire nationalized system.  She has been lobbying against it ever since and has made a huge impression!  

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29. Arizona Standards Development Committee Members Chosen

The State Board of Education (SBE) members Jared Taylor, Chuck Schmidt and Greg Miller (President) had a meeting on May 13 to select the 17 members on the new "Arizona Standards Development Committee" which was directed by Governor Ducey to "Replace Common Core."

Here are the 17-members of the "Arizona Standards Development Committee" that were selected:

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30. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Standardized Testing

With ridicule and humor, John Oliver drives home the absurdity of Common Core Standards and testing.  All 18 minutes touches on each problem.  (Some foul language has been bleeped.)  At one point, you will see a screen indicating testing companies.  A.I.R. is one of them.  That's the company that produced AZMerit.  Please send this to anyone you see as "on the fence," or who champions Common Core, without knowing the facts.    

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