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31. The Headchopper who lives next door

He or she is just your average American neighbor who posts funny stories on Facebook.  And then, everyday, normal Brittani and Brandon start donning burkas and robes.  Next thing you know, they're chopping off heads.  How has this happened?    

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Tags: Islam, Christian Persecution, Media Malpractice, Obama
32. Muslims Slice off Breasts of Christian Girls

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Tags: Islam, Christian Persecution, Media Malpractice, Obama
33. Islamic State Militant Bragged about Beheading a Baby

“It’s such a pleasure to cut off a baby’s head,” Nemmouche said, according to Henin’s police interview. 

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Tags: Christian Persecution, Islam, Media Malpractice, Obama
34. Bill Whittle: Ferguson and the Real Race War
Tags: Racism, Media Malpractice
35. Is Fatherhood being Destroyed so the State can play God?
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36. New Poll: John McCain is the Least Popular Senator in America

According to a new poll published by Public Policy Polling, Arizona Senator John McCain is the least popular Senator in America.  Here is their brutal analysis:  

PPP’s newest Arizona poll finds that John McCain is unpopular with Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike and has now become the least popular Senator in the country. Only 30% of Arizonans approve of the job McCain is doing to 54% who disapprove. There isn’t much variability in his numbers by party- he’s at 35/55 with Republicans, 29/53 with Democrats, and 25/55 with independents.

McCain trails in hypothetical general election match ups with both 2012 nominee Richard Carmona (41/35) and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (42/35). He would lead though in a match-up with former Governor Janet Napolitano, 44/36. This has the potential to be an interesting one in 2016.

According to the Universal Free Press:

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37. Candidate for Governor Andrew Thomas also Supports SB1062

Recently, Gilbert Watch published an article titled Al Melvin: The Only Candidate for Governor to Publicly Support SB1062.

It was recently brought to our attention that there is indeed another candidate who supported SB1062.  On his Facebook page Andrew Thomas issued a statement urging Governor Brewer to sign SB1062.  The reference to Thomas's Facebook page was published in this article S. Arizona Lawmakers, Candidates for Governor Respond to SB1062.

Andrew Thomas stated "I support Senate Bill 1062 and urge Governor Brewer to sign it."

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38. Al Melvin: The Only Candidate for Governor to Publicly Support SB1062

Amidst the media frenzy and LGBT mob, one person stood strong and told the Truth about SB1062.  That person was candidate for Governor Al Melvin.  

Here is what he wrote in an Op-Ed that appeared in Arizona newspapers.

Why I Support Religious Liberty in Arizona

by State Senator Al Melvin

Arizona¹s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has been law since 1999.

SB1062's sole purpose was to update two sections of it.  First, to clarify the definition of "person" to include all types of businesses and legal entities.  Arizona laws largely conform to that, but more clarity was best.

Second, to address the infamous photographer case in New Mexico where courts ruled that RFRA protections did not apply in a case involving two private parties.  We wanted to protect people¹s liberties, not just from encroachment by government, but from other private parties as well.

The bill did not change the protected or unprotected classes in Arizona.

Hysterical pronouncements like "mixed-race couples will be kicked out of restaurants" were deliberately inflammatory.  That discrimination remains illegal under Arizona and Federal law.

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39. The Truth about SB1062

SB1062 was not a "controversial" bill.  Nor did it "affirm the right to discriminate."  It was not "broadly worded."  As for those "unintended negative consequences" that Governor Brewer stated in her veto, those are the consequences of standing up for religious liberty and the freedom to associate.  Are those worth fighting for?   Apparently not.  

What Governor Brewer, many Republican legislators, and candidates for Governor revealed was their total ignorance about the so-called "economic benefits" of bringing the Super Bowl to Arizona, and their spinelessness when faced with a mob.   Some of those candidates for Governor are really ferocious, so they tell me. 

As stated by Ilya Shapiro in the Cato Institute article titled For Marriage Equality, Religious Liberty, and the Freedom of Association:  

"SB 1062 does nothing more than align state law with the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (which passed the House unanimously, the Senate 97-3, and was signed by President Clinton in 1993). That is, no government action can “substantially burden” religious exercise unless the government uses “the least restrictive means” to further a “compelling interest.” This doesn’t mean that people can “do whatever they want” – laws against murder would still trump religious human sacrifice – but it would prevent the government from forcing people to violate their religion if that can at all be avoided. Moreover, there’s no mention of sexual orientation (or any other class or category).

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40. The Economic Impact of the Super Bowl

If you listen to the Super Bowl Hype-a-Thon, big business interests, and the media, you would believe that everybody in Arizona will receive a huge economic boost from hosting the Super Bowl in 2015.  If Governor Brewer hadn't vetoed SB1062, the Super Bowl wouldn't come to Arizona!!!  (The articles on this disaster are easy to google.)

Pearl-clutching gasp!


 Well, what about that "economic boost"?  I for one have some questions.  For example, how much has it cost the taxpayers to build the Stadium that meets the requirements of the NFL?  How much will it cost the taxpayers to refurbish it?  How much will the taxpayers pay for additional police and fire protection?  Street maintenance?  Advertising?  

Did you know that SRP wasted $1 million of their customers' money on a Super Bowl  advertising campaign that did nothing to improve energy efficiency or serve its ratepayers?   Also, SRP isn't in competition with other utilities and doesn't even need to self-promote at the Super Bowl.  Stated Diane Brown, executive director of the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), "When SRP promotes the Super Bowl, the arts or human services, no matter how valiant the program, the correlation to the purpose of providing electricy and water fails to exist and ratepayers are left with a tab they didn't order." 

What about all those economic benefits?  

According a Sports Illustrated article titled "There is no Blip: Super Bowl could be Super Bust for host cities, study finds":

"A look at six Super Bowls dating to 1979 -- three in Miami, two in Tampa, one in Phoenix -- found no increase in sales revenue over previous years without the big game, said Philip Porter, author of the study.

"One reason may be that the estimated 140,000 fans who attend Super Bowl events in tourist-oriented Florida, Arizona or California displace the usual visitors from colder regions, he said.

"'There ought to be a spike that sticks up like a sore thumb," said Porter, an economics professor at the University of South Florida at Tampa. "It doesn't exist. There is no blip. You don't find anything.'"

"We are being suckered," Porter said. "People who want us to do something for them are selling us snake oil."

That was then.  What about now?  Take a look at this January 2014 article "It's the Local Economy, Stupid"  

On one side, you have the NFL. Last week, the league, as part of its non-stop hype-a-thon for the First Super Bowl Outdoors In Cold Weather Isn't Snow Just Romantic?, reported that the New York/New Jersey economy would see a $600 million boost as a result of Super Bowl spending. "Thanks to the Super Bowl, we're seeing more hotel rooms booked and restaurant tables reserved and even more excitement than usual for this time of year," U.S. Rep Carolyn Maloney told reporters.

On the other, you have the nation's sports economists, who say the actual number is a fair bit lower. Like, maybe, zero. "There still remains no ex post evidence of an economic impact," says University of South Florida professor Philip Porter, almost audibly sighing over email since, as someone who's been studying this topic for more than a decade, he gets the same question every year at this time. "Super Bowl attendees simply don't buy much that the local economy sells."

One of the researchers quoted in the above article was Victor Matheson.  The abstract from his indepth study titled Economics of the Super Bowl states: 

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