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11. Voter Fraud in Arizona's 2014 Election? You be the Judge

Find out below what this thug was saying to A J LaFaro, the Chairman of Maricopa County Republican Party.   

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Tags: Leftists, Media Malpractice
12. Obama's War on Coal, by Sylvia Allen


Sylvia Allen's Ranking with the Sierra Club:  F

Ms. Allen's Challenger, Tom O'Halleran's Ranking with the Sierra Club:  A

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Tags: Environmentalists, Climate Change, Leftists, Media Malpractice
13. Apparently the Sky Isn't Falling After All, by Bob Thorpe
Tags: Climate Change, Leftists
14. Comic Relief brought to you by Brenda Barton, LD6 Republican Candidate for AZ House
Tags: Environmentalists, Leftists, Climate Change, Second Amendment
15. Elbert Guillory: Mary Landrieu is Not Helping Blacks

None of the Democrats are helping the black community.  They don't want blacks to be better educated.  They don't want them to respect themselves and each other.  They certainly don't want blacks to take responsibility for themselves.  Democrats want them to remain poverty-stricken and dependent, and for the government to take the place of fathers.  

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Tags: Leftists, Racism
16. The Loathsome Phoenix New Times - 6,690 Hate-Filled Articles Against Russell Pearce
Tags: Russell Pearce, SB1070, Leftists, Media Malpractice
17. Gilbert RINO former Council Members Have Come out of the Closet!
Tags: Town Council, Leftists
18. Voting for a Democrat is Voting for Enslavement
Tags: Illegal Aliens, Leftists
19. Is Fatherhood being Destroyed so the State can play God?
Tags: Families, Media Malpractice, Schools, Leftists
20. Gohmert: U.S. Could Become Third World Nation

"They aren't escaping violence.  They're coming here for the schools, jobs, medical care.  This is taxpayer-paid human trafficking.  We don't know the extent of the diseases they are bringing.  The feds did not reveal that they knew these illegals have H1N1 (Swine flu), which is life threatening.  They are put on planes, yet have no identification.  Some are coming from countries where we know there is Islamic terrorism.  Unless someone spots a tattoo, the MS-13 gang members are coming in as children.  This huge influx is hurting our own minorities who are having trouble finding jobs."  Louie Gohmert, U.S. Congressman (Texas)

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Tags: Leftists, Illegal Aliens

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