Chairman Chad’s Remedial Lesson in “Conservatism 100.”

During the LD22 election on 12/4/2010, our soon-to-be-former Chairman Chad Heywood revealed that the LD22 bank account contained only $300. He stated that LD22 leadership should go to the Gilbert Town Council to ask that the Council “waive the $45/hour room rental fee” for our use of the Town’s meeting rooms for LD22 District meetings. (This was his contribution to the “fundraising” effort going forward.)

What an original idea! Let the taxpayers pay for our room rentals! Because we are so darned SPECIAL!

After 2 years “at the helm” of LD22, Chairman Chad seems to need a remedial course in the application of basic conservative principles.

Conservative Principles 100: Lesson #1:

A District Chairman representing the Republican Party has no business going to the Gilbert Town Council with his hands out, begging for taxpayer dollars to pay for LD22 Room Rentals.

Republicans pay their own way. They don’t look to government to solve their minor financial needs. They look to the people who benefit from those meetings: The Precinct Committeemen. Applying conservative principles to our daily lives helps keep taxes low.

Moral to the Story: Don’t go to the Gilbert Town Council with your hands out. People might mistake you for a “big government” liberal. (Oh wait……)