It’s Wendy up North and it Sucks!

Hurricane Wendy blew through northern Arizona leaving a path of destruction knocking over everything except one abandoned trailer. The trailer presumably belongs to Wendy Rogers although it’s not clear if she has seen it. This blowhard interloper has the potential to do more damage in Arizona than any other disaster we face except the megalomaniac governor. While claiming to be a conservative, Wendy Rogers destroyed several of our best conservatives including such patriots as Steve Smith, Steve Montenegro and Sheriff Babeu. Now in her egotistical climb up the backs of proven conservatives, she has taken out Sylvia Allen.

Wendy Rogers has singlehandedly taken out more Republicans than any Democrat in recent memory. Evidence shows she is responsible for costing Republicans at least one congressional seat. Her action helped liberals take over the State House and now puts the State Senate in jeopardy of turning blue. Her type of narcissistic opportunism is helping destroy Arizona.

As our patriot friend Sybil Ludington said “Rogers has been running and losing since 2010, and has never held public office. She has lost to every Democrat she ever faced.” But what if that has been her plan all along? She has been a tremendous asset to the Democrats. They love what she has done. If Republican lose the State Senate this round, Democrats can thank Rogers for doing what they could not!

Your Humble Servant,
Ben Franklin