Mountain View Tea Party ACTIVELY Supports Senator Pearce!

Fellow Members of the Mountain View Tea Party,

The organizers of the Recall Senator Pearce movement are not from District 18 and are planning to spend BIG money that is coming from outside our district to support their efforts! I’m sure they will have paid "feet on the ground" to spread their propaganda throughout District 18. We can’t allow them to buy another candidate that is willing to reverse all of the conservative gains that we have enjoyed through the efforts of Senator Pearce. State spending, reduced taxes, effective education, rule of law, illegal immigration and more! Senator Pearce has been at the fore front of each one of these battles – that’s why the opposition is pulling out all the stops to defeat him! It will be the politics of personal destruction. As the President’s men have said about Romney, "kill him".

We must organize ourselves to offset all of those dollars that will be working against him (and us!). We are going to need tea party feet on the ground! We will discuss at next months meeting (Sept 8th) what all members can do to help. But for now, we need those of you that are willing and able to be actively engaged.

We will be teaming up with other tea parties that cover District 18, to plan and carry out our Tea Party Feet On The Ground campaign. If you feel like you can help in any way, please plan to meet Thursday evening, September 1st at 7:00PM at the home at 1606 E Hope St. in Mesa (N of Brown, W of Gilbert on corner of Hope and Harris).

Also, if you are a District 18 Committeeman, please email back your contact information, email and phone number please. (

Because we need to know how many people we can plan for, please respond back to this email with your confirmation to attend and to participate. Also, if there are any questions, please send them to this email address. (

Friends, if our efforts in this race are unsuccessful, it will change the course of our State and its politics for the next ten years!