Regaining Our Public Lands: Meeting in Payson on 9/11/2013

Please attend a presentation titled Special Forum on Statehood given by Utah Representative Ken Ivory, President of American Lands Council,  Rep. Ivory will discuss the solemn promise made by the federal government in 1912 to cede all our lands to us at Statehood.  That promise has never been kept.  Mr. Ivory will explain the legal path the western states can take to regain the federal public lands that should have been disposed of in the contract (the Enabling Act) the federal government had with Arizona on Statehood Day.

Managing our own lands would be a huge economic boost to Arizona.  This forum is sponsored by Navajo County Supervisor Sylvia Allen; Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin; Payson Mayor Kenny Evans; and Payson Council Member Su Connell.  The public is encouraged to attend. 

Wednesday, 9/11/2013, 6:00 pm at Messinger’s Community Room, 901 S. Westerly (off W. Main St) in Payson.