The War on Coal

by Patrick O’Malley
Precinct Committeeman (LD12)

The war on coal is not over and writing your Congressman is not enough. Obama’s EPA is fighting this war for him, and so far they’ve managed to keep the issue out of Congress by using new EPA rules and executive orders.

The prime target in Arizona is the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) in Page which generates 90% of the electricity used by the Central Arizona Project (CAP).   CAP is the major water supplier for Tucson and all the cities in the Phoenix area, plus all the farms in between. Mohave power plant is already gone; shutting it down made more sense than complying with new EPA regulations. Coronado, Cholla, and Apache power plants are also targeted.

The owners of NGS recently revealed their grand plan to comply with EPA demands without spending a billion dollars. They will shut down part of the plant, so they don’t produce as much pollution. They won’t produce as much electricity either, but that’s somebody else’s problem.

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Pelosi and the Democrats want to Destroy the Navajo Nation

Thanks to Andy McKinney for the following post.  

Dear Friends,

Nancy Pelosi is attacking the Navajo nation with a fury not seen for over a century.  She and her Democrat Party allies have set their sights on the economic and social destruction of the Navajo nation.

Fifty percent of the economically active people on the Navajo reservation are unemployed.  The nation participates in three interconnected operations providing $100,000,000 for the Navajo people. These are the Kayenta coal mine, the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) and the railroad that connects the two.  Losing the NGS means the loss of this entire economy, not just for the Navajo people, but also for the people who benefit and depend on it for their own livelihoods.

Pelosi wants to close the generating station on utterly bogus environmental grounds.  

 She and her Democrat Party Pals want to crush the economic life out of the Navajos.  For her, Navajos shouldn’t be allowed to have high paying railroad, mining, or power generating jobs. For her, food stamps and poverty are all the Navajo people can aspire to.

Fortunately, the Navajo coal miners are represented by the United Mine Workers of America UMWA).  Perhaps the Democrat Party will not throw their allies in big labor under the bus in favor of their allies in the environmental wacko movement.  Ninety-eight percent of the UMWA members at Kayenta are Navajo.

Save the Navajo.  Stop the Democrat Party.


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Rep. Paul Gosar Rallies Thousands to Fight for Energy Jobs

The issue of jobs in Arizona is critical, as Patrick O’Malley has explained in two articles:  The War on Coal, and The War on Coal: Take Action.  Mr. O’Malley also illustrates the devastating effect that the EPA’s actions will have on raising the cost of water and electricity to all Arizonans.  Under the Obama Administration, the EPA has taken charge over our lives.  We no longer have a well behaved Rottweiler under control in our household.  The Rottweiler has taken control.    

As you can see from this press release issued by Republican Congressman Paul Gosar, he’s helping us fight off the EPA’s belligerance.  But he cannot do it alone!  Patrick O’Malley has provided two sample emails that you can send to the EPA, copying him, so he can physically and publicly hand them to the EPA at the hearing on November 14.  The carbon letter must be emailed by Nov. 8.  The NOx letter must be emailed by Nov. 14.  Please copy Patrick O’Malley on both of these emailed letters.  His email address is 

Here is Rep. Gosar’s Press Release:

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The War on Coal: Take Action!

by Patrick O’Malley
Precinct Committeeman LD12

On October 21 we talked about the EPA’s War on Coal and the power plants they are targeting in Arizona. The Sierra Club is bragging that they’ve closed down 150 coal power plants since 2010, and they want to make the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) in Page, AZ number 151. That’s the plant that supplies 90% of the electricity used to operate the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal.

Those of us outside of the Page area won’t be part of the economic disaster that will take place in the Navajo Nation if NGS is shut down. They are the ones who will lose good paying jobs at the power plant and the coal mine. But everyone in Arizona will be affected, because, long term, somebody will have to pay to replace a perfectly good power plant with decades of life left in it. And that will be all of us paying more for electricity and water.

There are two EPA issues coming up right away that affect coal fired power plants in Arizona. The first is carbon capture with a deadline for the public to comment by November 8.  You can comment by email.

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Retiree Healthcare Solution: Let ObamaCare Pay for it!

by Americanpride Last

Fellow Patriots,

What our Governor and some of our legislature did last week by expanding Obamacare in Arizona is an unconstitutional and fiscal disgrace.

There is a provision in Obamacare that nobody is talking about.  Maybe you already know about this, but it is the Trojan horse nuclear bomb in Obamacare.  During the corrupt process of backroom dealing in Washington, the Democrats put language in the bill that allows STATES AND CITIES TO DUMP THEIR GOVERNMENT PENSION OBLIGATIONS INTO OBAMACARE.  You talk about blowing up in our face.  

Obamacare was unsustainable anyway but with this provision it is really unsustainable.  Dump Arizona’s Pension obligations directly on the American people through Obamacare.  You think healthcare premiums are high now as they go up 10% and 25% a year.  Just wait until many of the states and cities in America dump their pension obligation onto the American people through Obamacare.

What the Arizona legislature did the other day with a vote to expand Medicaid/Obamacare in Arizona will be looked upon in time as THE turning point in our fiscal solvency from which we may never recover.

Gilbert Watch Note:  See a few articles below about how YOU will pay for the fiscal irresponsibility of Democrat-controlled cities and states.  Want to hear the kicker?  The Unions are outraged, because ObamaCare isn’t nearly as RICH as their city and state government health plans.  


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GCRC Resolution to Censure Gov. Jan Brewer and 14 State Legislators

On November 16, 2013, a potluck/meeting of the Precinct Committeemen representing the Gila County Republican Committee was held in Payson, Arizona.  A motion to Censure Az. Governor and 14 State Legislators was made and seconded.  The motion was approved.  A copy of the resolution had been given to everyone.


County Republican Committee
P.O. Box 3377
Payson, Arizona  85547



WHEREAS, Governor Jan Brewer conspired with 14 liberal Republican state legislators to form an alliance with the Democrat minorities in the Senate and House for the express purpose of thwarting the will of the .Republican majorities and violating the Arizona Constitution, the Republican Party Principles and the Republican Party Platform, including but not limited to the following:

•    They implemented the passage of Medicaid expansion – a key part of the disastrous healthcare plan known as ObamaCare.

•    They implemented government mandated national healthcare.

•    They approved taxpayer funding for abortions and increased funding for abortion services.

•    They expanded eligibility for welfare benefits, and invited 300,000+ new people into the welfare system.

•    They raised taxes.

•    They voted against tax relief and kept Arizona as the state with the second highest tax rate in the nation.

•    They voted against auditing the Arizona hospital bed tax.

•    They increased property taxes.

•    The only tax relief they offered was for special-interest industries who could afford to hire lobbyists.

•    They rejected a balanced budget and voted for one with a structural debt of $400 million.

•    They removed government oversight for special interests.

•    They voted against verifying citizenship as a requirement for Medicaid benefits.

•    They removed funding for English immersion for non-English-speaking students, thus ensuring the continuation of the failed, Democrat supported bilingual programs.


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PCRC Approves Motion to Censure Shope, Pratt, and Coleman

Sources from within the Pinal County Republican Committee (PCRC) have advised Gila Watch that today, November 16, 2013, the PCRC voted to: 

"Censure Arizona Representatives Frank Pratt (LD8), T J Shope (LD8), and Douglas Coleman (LD16) for voting for the Medicaid expansion against the expressed position of this body and the Republican Party platform, aligning with the democrats and helping welfare expansion and Obamacare in Arizona. We therefore censure these legislators, and encourage other Pinal County Republicans to likewise disassociate themselves from any of these who may be candidates for office in the upcoming 2014 elections."

The motion passed with just under 70% of the vote.

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COMMON CORE: Pornography, Incest, Rape, and Pedophilia made Normal for your Child!

The new, highly touted Common Core curriculum includes a pornographic story by Toni Morrison titled "The Bluest Eye."  It is too disgusting and graphic for Gilbert Watch to publish, but it’s ok for your 11th grader to read and study.  Click here for the article about "The Bluest Eye." 

You can find this recommended story on the Arizona Department of Education website.  Did you know that all 11 board members, with the exception of the Superintendent, are unelected?  They are appointed by the Governor.  They’ve sung the praises of Common Core for so long and so gloriously, as witnessed by the many accolades that appear on the Arizona Department of Education website, how could they plead ignorance?  They must be delighted to bring "The Bluest Eye" to your child.

To find "The Bluest Eye," go here:    AZ Common Core Standards.  

Then, click on “English Language Arts, Appendix B.  Provides text exemplars and sample performance tasks.”.

Be sure to thank Governor Brewer, Superintendent John Huppenthal, and the entire Arizona (unelected) Board of Education for introducing our children to a new level of moral bankruptcy.     

Arizona’s Common Core Standards Home Page:  "The standards were developed in collaboration with teachers, education leaders, and experts, to provide a clear and consistent framework to prepare our children for college and the workforce. This state-led effort was coordinated by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers CCSSO)."

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