Town Council – 1/17/2013 – Liquor – Zoning – Unions – Budget


New Councilmember Jared Taylor stated that he will be voting against approval of almost all liquor licenses presented to the Council. He advised that he is not in favor of prohibition, but rather temperance. He campaigned on behalf of both business and families, and he cited statistics relating to the DUI arrests in Gilbert in addition to the fact that someone is killed every 53 minutes at the hands of a drunk driver.

This isn’t the only cost. There is a cost to families when a family member drinks to excess. Alcohol plays a significant role in domestic violence and divorce.

Many innocent children die every year at the hands of drunk drivers. They also die due to domestic violence. Those must be “acceptable” deaths, because Obama hasn’t uttered a word, and the malpracticing media doesn’t keep a body count.

It is of no interest to reporter Parker Leavitt, for example, who has been generous in slamming Councilmember Petersen and now Councilmember Taylor for their "extremist" views, such as standing up for the U.S. Constitution and for private property rights. Don’t ALL councilmembers, including the Mayor, take the same Oath to protect and defend the Constitution? Some of those councilmembers get downright "testy" at the mention of the word "Founders."

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My Turn – AZ Central – Jared Taylor

28 September 2012

In a few weeks, Gilbert voters will select another member of the Gilbert Town Council. It’s important that we havea fresh voice that will protect the rights of Gilbert families and businesses. There are a number of reasons I would like to serve as your next Council Member.

Jared Taylor is Committed to Gilbert’s Heritage and Success

I’m committed to the heritage and success of this community. My grandfather taught school at the old Gilbert Elementary School and worked on John Allen’s dairy. After I was married, my wife and I moved to Gilbert in 1996. With our three daughters, we enjoy the beautiful parks, schools, and so many good friends.

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It’s Only a Cup of Coffee

by Jared Taylor

This article was originally published in April 2010.  It is being republished in light of the Budget issues being discussed in the Gilbert Public Schools.  Once again, the Liberals are demanding more from the private sector.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed over 20 people in Mesa and Gilbert regarding an Executive Assistant position we are looking to fill at work. I was surprised that nearly all of the individuals living in Gilbert needed to get back into the workforce as either their spouse had been laid off or the household income had dried up. Cash was in short supply.

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Jared Taylor: Gilbert missed opportunity to continue course of fiscal responsibility with adoption of $466 million FY14 Budget

On June 3, 2013, the Gilbert Town Council voted 5-2 in favor of a $466 million budget for FY2014.   Council Member Jared Taylor voted "NO," which earned him a "PROPER VOTE" rating from Captain Rick Atridim on Atridim News Journal’s Gilbert Council Scorecard.   

Captain Rick invited Jared to present guest commentary for the ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL concerning his vote on this important fiscal event.  Here is a quote from Council Member Taylor.  Please read all of his remarks on Rick’s Guest Commentary:  

"The FY14 budget’s rate of growth outpaces inflation and puts us on a path to run a deficit in 1-2 years. Any uptick in sales tax revenues will mask this for a few years, but when another downturn hits, we’ll be forced to make a decision to raise taxes or make drastic cuts again. The recommendation to follow the rate of inflation more effectively controls our spending and is more aligned with other costs hard-working taxpayers are facing day-to-day."

NOTE:  Council Member Victor Petersen also voted NO.

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Victor Petersen: Gilbert’s budget represents a decrease in government efficiency by spending more tax dollars per citizen … “Where spending leads, taxes must follow”

On June 3, 2013, the Gilbert Town Council voted 5-2 in favor of a $466 million budget for FY2014.  Council Member Victor Petersen voted "NO," which earned him a "PROPER VOTE" rating from Captain Rick Atridim on Atridim News Journal’s Gilbert Council Scorecard.  

Captain Rick invited Victor to present guest commentary for the ATRIDIM NEWS JOURNAL concerning his vote on this important fiscal event.  Here is a quote from Council Member Victor Petersen.  Please read all of his remarks on Rick’s Guest Commentary:  


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Times Are Changing in Gilbert, and Not for the Better

Gilbert citizen Gary Livacari has been watching the Gilbert Town Council for some time and has written a great article which was recently published in both the Arizona Coalition of Conservative Voters titled Are Times Changing in Gilbert? as well as in AZ Central’s My Turn, titled Gilbert must limit government.   

It seems that, since earning a "Hero of Big Government" ranking from Americans for Prosperity in 2015, Mayor John Lewis and Council Members Eddie Cook, Jenn Daniels, and Jordan Ray continue expanding government.  Follows is a chart which depicts the upward budget climb since 2014.  It has nearly doubled from $447 Million to $850 Million.   

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Here we Go Again! Gilbert Raising Taxes, Expanding Government: June 23 @ 7pm

A Message from Ms. Christine Accurso

Here we go again!

The Town of Gilbert is getting ready to raise our taxes and expand the size of government at the next council meeting!  Our taxes were already raised considerably by the school districts override and bonds.  We don’t need another tax increase!   

After reading through the 2,983 page agenda packet, I noticed there are 10 agenda items this Thursday, June 23, that are jam packed full of budget increases, expansion of government and a tax rate increase.  What happened to our "conservative" elected officials?  Join me in watching, either in person or live online, who votes for these items.  (Items # 4, 9a, 14, 20, 21, 25, 26, 31, 32 & 33).  Click HERE to watch the meeting live.  

Here are a few items to note:

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Rep. Bob Thorpe’s Letter Regarding Transgender Bathrooms

Recently, Gilbert Watch published Arizona Joins Texas in Lawsuit to Stop Federal Overreach.  Arizona joined this lawsuit following a letter from Arizona lawmaker Representative Bob Thorpe (R-LD6).  Rep. Thorpe has provided the letter to Gilbert Watch, as well as the data for how the State, Local and Federal education funds break down for 2014-2015.  

Dear Arizona Superintendent of Schools Diane Douglas and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich:

Legislators have been receiving numerous complaints from constituents who are very concerned with the threatening tone of the May 13, 2016 letter from U.S. Attorney General Lynch and U.S. Department of Education Secretary King.

The letter coerces our nation’s K-12 public schools and colleges to ensure that transgender students must be allowed to use the gender designated restrooms, changing rooms and locker facilities of their choosing, not necessarily that of their biological gender. It has been estimated that approximately 0.3% of U.S. individuals identify themselves as transgender.

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Arizona Joins Texas in Lawsuit to Stop Federal Overreach

In response to a letter from Arizona lawmaker Representative Bob Thorpe (R-LD6), Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas announced that Arizona will Join Texas in a Lawsuit to Stop Federal Overreach.  Co-signers of Rep. Thorpe’s letter included Sen. Sylvia Allen (R-LD6), and Representatives Brenda Barton (R-LD6), Paul Boyer (R-L20), Karen Fann (R-LD1), Mark Finchem (R-LD11), Anthony Kern (R-LD20), and Vince Leach (R-LD11).  (Please express your thanks to Bob Thorpe and the other legislators who signed his letter, as well as Mark Brnovich and Diane Douglas.  See email addresses below.)

The COMPLAINT FOR DECLARATORY AND INJUNCTIVE RELIEF concerns the May 13, 2016 "Joint Guidance" issued by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education relating to requiring public schools that receive federal funding to allow transgender students to use whatever restroom or locker room they wish, based on how they identify their gender.  

The threat to withdraw federal funding from any school that doesn’t comply is very clear in this sentence: "Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, schools receiving federal money may not discriminate based on a student’s sex, including a student’s transgener status."

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U.S. Department of Education’s Major Accomplishment: Staggering Illiteracy

Zero Hedge recently published an article titled Department of Education – Our Work Here is Done.  A few items from that article include:

The Department of Education was created in 1979 and now has an annual budget of $73 billion, with 5,000 government bureaucrats roaming its hallways.  See U.S. Department of Education Budget Fact Sheet. 

After 37 years and trillions of dollars "invested" in our children, here is a short list of some "achievements":   1) There are six million students in the California school system, and 25% of those students are unable to perform basic reading skills.  2) 50% of adults cannot read a book written at an eighth grade level.  3) 45 million adults are functionally illiterate and read below a 5th grade level.  4) 3 out of 4 people on welfare can’t read.  5) 20% of Americans read below the level needed to earn a living wage.  6) School dropouts cost our nation $240 billion in social service expenditures and lost tax revenues.  7) 3 out of 5 people in American prisons can’t read.  8) Approximately 50% of Americans read so poorly that they are unable to perform simple tasks such as reading prescription drug labels.

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