Jared Taylor for Gilbert Town Council

Gilbert Watch supports Jared Taylor for Town Council for many reasons.

Jared is one of Gilbert’s most talented and capable citizens. He is a Constitutional scholar, educator, and businessman. Jared spent 6 years with Motorola and 4 with Honeywell in human resources and global staffing operations capacities. Trained in Six Sigma and LEAN methodologies, he used these tools to improve quality and saved millions of dollars at these firms. His organizational efficiency techniques will be critical to Gilbert’s long term strategic goals.

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No Permanent Tax Increase Needed for Gilbert

The three at-large members of the Citizens Budget Committee unanimously oppose the Town of Gilbert’s proposed permanent sales tax increase (Proposition 406).

As citizens of the town, we were selected and chartered by the Town Council, to help resolve the town’s budget issues. In this voluntary capacity, we directly supported the Town Council. For 3 months we poured over the budgets and worked with the other citizen sub-committees and Town staff in reviewing hundreds of ideas.

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Queen Creek: A Case Study in Slash and Burn

Here’s the difference between Gilbert and Queen Creek: Gilbert possesses a politically active, determined, hard-working, Constitutional conservative citizenry that found ways to cut spending without resorting to slash and burn budget cutting measures. Thus, no lay-offs of public safety employees and no salary cuts.

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Incumbents = More + More + More Taxes

This morning’s headlines read: “Unemployment back up to 9.0%,” “Gas eats 9% of household income,” “Arizona gas prices still on the rise,” and “Renters see sharp rise in rates.” Although all the economic news isn’t this dour, Gilbert citizens should consider this news as we vote.

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