Tom Horne – Mr. Common Core

In the race for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne is back. Yes, Mr. Common Core himself! He’s already been the Superintendent and Attorney General and many wonder why he wants to re-enter AZ politics.

GilbertWatch has followed Horne over the years and has some serious concerns. Here’s a few points that AZ voters should include in their decision on who to vote for the top job in education.

  1. Common Core. Tom Horne proudly brought the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The fact is that his signature, with then Governor Jan Brewer, is on the Memorandum of Understanding which authorized these standards for Arizona. Now he’s trying to distance himself from the failed CCSS by blaming former Superintendents John Huppenthal and Diane Douglas for failed implementation. Under pressure from Brewer, and with no substantive review or parent input, Horne and the AZ State Board of Education simply rubber-stamped CCSS to get millions of federal dollars in Obama’s Race-To-The-Top program. Below is a copy of the 2010 letter from the SBE confirming AZ’s adoption of CCSS.
  2. Court found Horne Broke Campaign Finance Laws. In 2016 a Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court ruling against Horne. Investigations continued thereafter, but were quietly closed due to no “likelihood of conviction.”
  3. Other Allegations of Reckless Behavior – Check out Tom Horne’s Wikipedia Page here to find additional information on multiple speeding tickets and an extramarital affair with a subordinate worker in the AG’s office.

Can’t Arizona find a better leader for our school system? Nobody is perfect, but Tom Horne’s record is troublesome and out of step with Arizona families. His introduction of Common Core in Arizona forever infected AZ schools with the STD’s of education: Standards, Testing, and Data Collection. It’s time we move past misguided career politicians and vote for an outsider like Shiry Sapir.