What Happened in LD22? A Letter from Pam Stevenson, Director of Arizona TEA Party Patriots

My True Conservative Friends,

It saddens me deeply that there are precinct committeemen that have decided to take control of our precinct by using underhanded measures. Please allow me to explain things as I see it…

I have been silent up until this point because I did not want to rush to judgment but now I feel I must come forward. I was sent a proxy a few weeks ago that I could forward to PC’s that would not be able to attend the election of new officers. I contacted several PC’s that I had recruited into the effort and told them who was running (that I knew of because no one ever sent me a list of everyone running). I gathered the proxy’s together and took them to the election. Unlike most people that took in proxy’s- the votes were not identical for those I represented and so I had to fill out separate ballots for each proxy.

It was peculiar because there were several "write in" candidates that I was not aware were running for any offices. I realized then that it was unfair to the PC’s that I was voting for in proxy because they were only told about certain candidates running- not the write in candidates. Come to find out, these "write in" candidates were pre-selected 2 months ago to run but their names were only given to select PC’s in advance to garner votes. The next thing that disturbed me was to find out that the same group that were soliciting for the "write in" candidates, had a list they passed out to certain people called the "Conservative Slate". This was a list of people that they wanted "their" PC’s to vote for. I was not on the list and neither were many other truly conservative PC’s. Although there were a handful of PC’s on the list that I feel are conservative, most of the people I did not know and had not observed them helping during the past 18 months in any conservative movements.

This past year and a half I have donated endless hours in fighting for the freedoms of my country. I was asked to lead the East Valley TEA Party and did so until being asked by the national TEA Party Patriots to be the Arizona state director for the TEA Party Patriots. During this past 18 months, we have taught thousands of people about the Constitution. We have campaigned against the progressive agenda in Washington D.C. As TEA Party Patriots, we stand for 3 principles: 1. Fiscal Responsibilty 2. Constitutionally Limited Government and 3. Free Markets. We have made many enemies (especially with union leaders) because we believe that people are being taxed far too much and there is much corruption as to how the funds are being used and then we are taxed more. We believe in being fiscally responsible- not taxing people to death. We have done much research as to where the tax money is really going and it is not for the betterment of the schools, policemen and firemen as promised.

It was interesting because many of the true conservatives that I have worked with over the past 18 months were not on the " Conservative Slate" list either. These are other people that have dedicated their lives for the cause of freedom. Also none of the PC’s that I recruited personally were on "the list." I am curious as to what the qualifications were to be on the list for the "Conservative Slate". If you were a volunteer for a TEA Party or other conservative group- you could not be on "the list"? Most of the names on the list that I recognized were current or past paid employees of the government. How interesting.

I am glad to know that there will be another election in LD22 this Saturday, December 4th. I encourage ALL PC’s to come to the meeting and vote in person so they know exactly who they are voting for. At church today, I sat by one of the PC’s in my neighborhood that I had recruited to be a PC. She was confused as to why there was so much drama with the election that was currently held. I explained to her that we would be having another election because the election was not done legally and had to be redone. She explained to me that someone she did not know came and got her proxy to take to the election. She said that she told them that she would want to only vote for the true TEA Party candidates and she asked them if these are the people that I would have voted for. They told her that they knew me and, yes- these are the people I would recommend. I was shocked. Not only would I NOT vote for the people that were running with Adam Armor, but I did not know most of the other people running on his slate. They had never been to the TEA Parties in Arizona (to my knowledge) and had not volunteered to do anything in the fight for freedom. I later found out that some of them had recently switched to the Republican Party last summer and had never voted in an election previously. Amazing! Where did these guys come from?

Again, if you want to support those individuals that truly represent conservative values, please come to the meeting to vote. It you cannot make it to the meeting, please contact me and I will tell you of the people that are the TRUE conservatives; not "conservative" when it is convenient to get a vote.

I would also like to see another list made of the TRUE conservative P.C.’s of those that have volunteered thousands of hours for the cause of freedom with NO pay.

Thank you for your time,

Pam Stevenson
AZ Director TEA Party Patriots