A New Form of Teen Violence

Recently a reporter from AZCentral falsely accused son of Gilbert Mayor candidate Shane Krauser of being associated with the Gilbert Goons. The Goons have been involved with a number of teen violence crimes in the Gilbert/Queen Creek area.

The way the article was written clearly intended to lead people to believe the young man was a Goon. The article was great click bait, but it was all a big lie and the writer knew it. Mr. Krauser told him the facts, but honesty has always been a foreign concept to the editors and reporters at AZCentral. Other local fake news outlets quickly piled on the lies with their own weak attempts to “report”.

The fact is that Mr. Krauser’s son is not a Goon. Never has been; but this truth was deliberately left out because it didn’t fit the narrative for a biased paper who is desperate for readers and ad revenue.

Now a Gilbert teen is afraid for his safety at school and in the community due to the libelous article written solely as a political hit piece. Mr. Krauser was forced to step away from his campaign to protect his family. Do you think the so-called journalist cared? Not a chance. It’s great content for the news business and his twisted political agenda. Further, a good conservative taken down. A double play for the liars and haters in the media.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

In politics, the family members of those running for office have traditionally been off limits. Not to the editors and reporters at AZCentral. They spare no person to line their pockets. To them, putting teens in harms way is perfectly acceptable when it forwards their liberal political agenda. And they wonder why their readership continues to disappear.

What’s interesting is how many people actually fell for the misleading nonsense in this poorly written article. As if everything on the internet is true! Even some so-called conservatives fell for these false accusations with a full knowledge that the article was written by a reporter who openly hates them and everything they believe.

Instead of local officials, politicians, religious and other so-called leaders standing up for the victims of this senseless form of teen violence, they cowered in weakness hoping not to have to make a statement or get involved in the controversy. Some of these people said they support Mr. Krauser, but in the end they only cared about the money in his campaign account. Where are the true leaders of today?

Shame! Shame! Shame!