TEEN VOGUE Normalizes Sodomy for Young Girls and Shows Them How to do it

Teen Vogue is an online magazine that targets teenage girls.  It used to feature fashion, celebrities, and shopping.  Since 2015, it began including politics (aka "Trump hatred") and current affairs (transgenderism, deviant sex, anti-Christian, anti-God).  The print version reached over 1 million young people.  The online version, especially now that it has sensationalized the most depraved human activites, is snagging even more teenagers, even children as young as 11.  See Teen Vogue – Wikipedia. 

I normally would ignore a publication like this, not wanting to give it a shred of publicity.  However, parents need to know and understand the kind of information being peddled to their children via their tablets, iPads, Notebooks, Smartphones, etc.

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The First Time I Had Sex, by Tina Marie Griffin

Tina Marie Griffin writes, "I talk a lot about the first time I had sex—for a VERY important reason.  The first time I had sex was on my wedding night when I was 29 years and 51 weeks old…"

This is the kind of very important article that you don’t read much anymore.  That’s because Ms. Griffin’s message is about being God-Centered, not Self-Centered.  It’s about respecting her body and cherishing her virginity and giving it as a gift to only one person – her husband.

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Christian Persecution: In Gilbert, Arizona

We imagine that persecution of Christians is remote. It happens "over there" in countries like Nigeria, as reported in World magazine, Standing with the Brethren. Not here. It can’t happen in America, much less in Gilbert. Nobody’s burning down our churches or shooting us as we attend religious services.

They don’t have to if we give up our core beliefs without a feeble whimper.

Have you ever wondered, "How does systematic persecution begin"? Would you recognize it if you saw it? Would you do anything to stop it?

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Please Stand Up for Prayer at Gilbert Governing Board Meetings

The Gilbert School Board meets tonight, Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 7 pm.  The topic is “Should an Invocation be brought back to open the Governing Board meetings”?

Gilbert Public Schools – 7 pm
Building B
140 S. Gilbert Road
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Email address to all board members:  board@gilbertschools.net.

Please attend and speak up, or send an email in support of an Opening Invocation before Governing Board Meetings.

According to Staci Burke, GPS Board President:

“It appears that the U.S. Supreme Court in the Town of Greece case is leaning that it is Constitutional to continue the practice.  I expect that the board will likely be holding a meeting next Thursday at 5 pm to discuss adoption of a Resolution to bring back prayer to the Board meeting and discuss adopting a policy regarding such practice.  Under the law it will need to be non-denominational and all religions invited and treated equally in participation.”

Here is the item on tonight’s agenda.  (See the full agenda here)

10.02 Discuss the Adoption of a Resolution regarding an Opening Invocation before Governing Board Meetings.

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Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake Break Their Promise to Arizona Voters

Are we surprised that our ruling class/establishment "Republicans" care little for the values of their constituents?  No.  Are we surprised that they have broken their campaign promises to their constituents?  No.  

Back when they were campaigning in 2010 (McCain) and 2012 (Flake), John McCain and Jeff Flake made these promises.  

John McCain stated on a Center for Arizona Policy survey that he "Opposed adding sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in discrimination law."

Jeff Flake stated on the same survey that he "Opposed adding gender identity or gender expression to antidiscrimination law."

See Breaking News:  Senators McCain and Flake Break their Promise to Arizona Voters.

Consider that our Republic was designed to promote Equal Justice, not special or social justice.  The Republican platform states that we believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman.  

Both Senators Flake and McCain recently voted in favor of ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act).  It sounds so fair, so generous, and so compassionate.  Right?  Like so many other "feel good" pieces of legislation, this law carries with it unintended consequences.  Please see excerpts from Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) Threatens Civil Liberties.

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Arizona Constitution Seminar: 11/23/2013

Did you know that the Arizona Constitution is comprised of only 108 pages?  Here’s the link.  The United States Constitution, including all 27 Amendments is comprised of only 21 pages.  Here’s the link.  Did you know that the Arizona Constitution provides more individual protections in some areas than the U.S. Constitution, but that it also contains some of the most destructive, progressive elements as well?  Have you heard of the Black Robe Regiment, and its recent resurgence?  Here’s the link.   Did you know that more than ever in the history of America, our religious liberties are being assaulted, and Alliance Defending Freedom is doing all possible to help?  Were you aware that when the IRS informs you that you must submit to an audit, they are violating the Fourth Amendment, unless they have obtained a search warrant and proved probable causethat you have broken a law?  Here’s the link.  

We learned this and much more at the 11/23/2013 seminar that was organized by Sue Goodchild and held at the Living Faith Center in Prescott Valley.  The cost was a mere $20, and included a wonderful catered lunch.

The speakers were Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Arizona Senator Chester Crandell (LD6), former Arizona Senator and Justice of the Peace Lester Pearce, and Shane Krauser, the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education.

It was eye opening. 

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne spoke about some of the more positive aspects of provisions found in the Arizona Constitution.  He first noted the Preamble, which is similar to the U.S. Constitution as well as other states’ constitutions all across America: 

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John McCain’s Syrian Rebel Friends: Anti-American Forces

Recall the Youtube video of the Syrian Christian woman who pleaded with John McCain to NOT bomb Syria?  She cited the death of her 18-year old cousin, who was killed by the Syrian Free Army (SFA) "Rebels."  She explained to McCain her fear that the minority Christians in Syria will be treated brutally by the Muslim fundamentalists who dominate the "Rebels."  At least, she said, under Assad, the Christians live in relative peace.

The deadly arrogant McCain would hear none of it.  He lectured this woman on the Truth of the SFA Rebels.  "I, too, have been to Syria.  I know these people.  I’ve met with them.  I know them."  

Yes, he has met with them.  They are infiltrated by America-hating, Christian-hating terrorists.   See What Happened to the Global War on Terrorism"?  The U.S. is "Fighting for Al Qaeda" in Syria. I will spare you their videotaping of the execution of children. See some of their handy work below from Senator McCain, Foreign Relations "Adviser" to Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria.     See also Not one of "bad guys," but Syrian Rebel Group Proclaims "Anti-American bent."  


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McCain’s Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster in Syria

While Senator John McCain sports around with his Syrian Rebel "freedom fighter" friends, here is what is really happening in Syria.  See A Letter from Aleppo: A Firsthand account from inside Syria’s Humanitarian Disaster.  Do you want to truly make a difference and help these people?  Don’t send bombs!  Don’t help the rebels!  Send money to Barnabas Aid.    

Here’s a portion of the article:

Below is a letter out of Aleppo, Syria, that was written in late July by a physician. A lifelong Aleppo resident of Armenian heritage, this man has remained in one of the ancient city’s Christian neighborhoods throughout a 14-month siege by rebel forces. He is a trusted source to WORLD, not named for security reasons, with a long history of medical aid work throughout the Middle East and Asia. This letter is reprinted with permission of Barnabas Aid, which first published it.  

Since he wrote, the rebel blockade of Aleppo has now entered its third month. Water, electricity, and communication are cut off, infrastructure has collapsed, and residents cannot leave, nor can aid be brought in. For Aleppo residents, all necessities of life are in short supply and prices have soared. A bag of lentils that only a year ago cost 50 Syrian pounds, or about $1, now may cost anywhere from $5 to $10. Because of shortages and the exorbitant cost, churches—one in Aleppo was providing meals for 35,000 displaced Syrians only a few months ago—have been forced to halt help for the needy.

Aleppo—Syria’s largest city, with more than 2 million people in the country’s industrial and agricultural heartland—has a historically diverse religious and ethnic makeup. The rebels’ success at taking over much of the city suggests they stand a chance at toppling the government of Bashar al-Assad. But the humanitarian crisis they have created will make anyone wonder what kind of government the opposition forces might deliver were they to successfully replace Assad. The blockade, meanwhile, has gone uncontested by the United States and its allies, making many Syrians doubt the U.S. move toward military strikes is designed to relieve their humanitarian crisis, or address the many atrocities of this war. —Mindy Belz

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