The First Time I Had Sex, by Tina Marie Griffin

Tina Marie Griffin writes, "I talk a lot about the first time I had sex—for a VERY important reason.  The first time I had sex was on my wedding night when I was 29 years and 51 weeks old…"

This is the kind of very important article that you don’t read much anymore.  That’s because Ms. Griffin’s message is about being God-Centered, not Self-Centered.  It’s about respecting her body and cherishing her virginity and giving it as a gift to only one person – her husband.

All across America, young people are not just encouraged to be promiscuous, they are taught how to indulge in the most obscene, dangerous practices.  See  TEEN VOGUE Normalizes Sodomy for Young Girls and Shows Them How to do it 

"God will bring the right person in His perfect timing. God wants you to trust Him and focus on serving Him now, so you’ll meet your best friend while you’re serving the Lord. How cool is that? And if you’ve already been sexually active, God forgives, forgets and that is NOT who you are as a person. Your past is not your identity. You can make better choices starting at this very moment." See The First Time I Had Sex.  

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