Please attend tonight’s Arizona Red Mountain Patriots Meeting!

Do you recall the Medicaid Expansion vote, and how so-called Arizona Republican senators and representatives joined Democrats to pass this law in the legislature?  Remember Bob Worsley LD25, who voted for the Medicaid expansion, and how he ran as a conservative, even Pro Life?  Voters in LD25 were outraged by Mr. Worsley’s  "Big Government" votes.  His Legislative District leadership even voted to censure him over his actions.  

"In just ONE legislative session, Mr. Worsley, raised taxes, voted for Obama-care (the Medicaid expansion) violated Prop 108  (the Taxpayer Protection act), voted against Pro-Life Amendments, voted for taxpayer funded scholarships for illegals (which is also a violation of the law), and he scored the worst of any Republican Senator from Americans for Prosperity–earning the Hero of Big Government award."

Go to, enter Worsley in the Search box, and you will see why it’s no surprise that Bob Worsley behaved exactly the way we predicted he would.    

Dr. Ralph Heap to run against Bob Worsley in LD25.

An excellent conservative candidate has emerged to run against Bob Worsley in 2014:  Dr. Ralph Heap.  

“I think Mr. Worsley campaigned as a conservative, and I just don’t feel like he’s responded that way in his time in the Senate,” stated Dr. Heap. “I’m an orthopedic surgeon. I’m particularly disturbed by the Medicaid expansion and the facilitating of Obamacare in Arizona.”

Dr. Heap received his M.D. from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in 1978, and has been practicing for 30 years.

Please come to tonight’s meeting of the Arizona Red Mountain Patriots and meet Dr. Ralph Heap!   Tonight’s event is essentially his campaign kickoff, so he’ll have petitions there, campaign literature, etc.  Also, the Heap Family Blue Grass Band will be entertaining the audience as well.

Arizona Red Mountain Tea Party Patriots: Monday, November 4th at 7:00pm (meeting start), doors open at 6:00pm East Valley School, 7420 E. Main St., Mesa 85207.

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Who is the Leftist? Who is the Liberal?

Please stop referring to Leftist Democrats as Liberals.  They are not Liberals.  Leftist Democrats have so perverted the language that it is too late for Conservatives to be identified as who we truly are—Classic Liberals.  However, it is not too late to call the Democrats what they are:  Leftists.  If Democrats don’t like that label, they need to look at their elected representatives’ voting records.  Start with Barack Obama and move down the food chain.   Don’t like it?  Then change your party affiliation.

Leftists fraudulently call themselves Liberals, because they like to think of themselves as noble, broad-minded, unprejudiced, and kind.  They think they defend the weak against the powerful.  They “care.”  The Truth is their policies are exactly the opposite.

But let’s look at two definitions.  Then, YOU decide who is the Leftist and who is the Liberal.

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Dr. Ralph Heap to run against Bob Worsley in LD25

Please attend the Thursday, Jan. 9 meeting of the Mountain View TEA Party and meet an excellent conservative candidate who is running against Bob Worsley (LD25) in 2014.   Dr. Ralph Heap, an orthopedic surgeon, received his M.D. from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in 1978, and has been practicing for 30 years.


.  The meeting takes place at 7 pm in the Mesa Utility Building,  640 N. Mesa Dr.   

“ObamaCare will destroy our healthcare system and our economy with it.  It is an unmitigated disaster, yet my opponent voted to expand and fully implement ObamaCare here in Arizona, committing the taxpayers to hundreds of millions of dollars in new costs and further surrendering our health care system to the federal government.  As a doctor, I know the issues, I know what is at stake, I will be an effective voice at the Legislature, and I will fight passionately for free market reforms and the end of ObamaCare."  Dr. Ralph Heap


In just ONE legislative session, Bob Worsley raised taxes, voted for Obama-care (the Medicaid expansion), violated Prop 108  (the Taxpayer Protection act), voted against Pro-Life Amendments, voted for taxpayer funded scholarships for illegals (which is also a violation of the law), and he scored the worst of any Republican Senator from Americans for Prosperity–earning the Hero of Big Government award.  

In fact, three Democrats scored higher than Bob Worsley, including the Democrat Minority Leader Chad Campbell!

For more information:

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Thursday, April 3: Ralph Heap Fundraiser

Please don’t miss this special fundraiser on behalf of Dr. Ralph Heap’s candidacy for Arizona Senate in Legislative District 25.  He is running against incumbent Bob Worsley.  

 "Remember, Obamacare is not about health insurance for the poor.  It is about control of one-sixth of our economy," states Dr. Heap.   

“I believe in the promise of America,and I will work hard to fulfill that promise. This is the greatest nation on earth, and its greatness lies in the brilliance of the Constitution. Everything good about America stems from the liberties protected by this majestic document. 

"We stand at a crossroads.  One of the biggest problems we face today is the takeover by the federal government of our healthcare system.  Unless many of us in the medical profession stand up to these bureaucrats, we face a dismal future.  

"From the youngest to the oldest, from the healthiest to the sickest, no one will be untouched by this federal power grab.  I hope to accomplish many things if I am elected, including fixing our healthcare system, preserving the Constitution, reigning in the EPA, strengthening our schools, supporting our law enforcement officers,  lowering taxes, decreasing regulations, and shrinking government.  Preserving liberty means less government and more individual freedom. That is my goal.”

Dr. Ralph Heap’s Biography

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Andy McKinney Speaks out Against Ann Kirkpatrick and Ron Barber

Andy McKinney, president of the Rim Country Republican Club in Payson, Arizona, was quoted recently in an Arizona Republic article titled Conservative Groups Already Spending vs Kirkpatrick, Barber.   This story begins:

"Andy McKinney can’t vote against U.S. Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick or Ron Barber in the next election. He doesn’t live in their districts. But he hopes to do everything he can to defeat them in 2014.

"The Payson conservative activist said the president’s health-care reforms are a debacle, and Democrats who supported the law should lose their offices.

“’The people I talk to are incensed,’ said McKinney, president of the Rim Country Republican Club in eastern Arizona. ‘Our elected officials must be held accountable for their votes.’”


Ann Kirkpatrick, Democrat, is the current U.S. Representative from Congressional District 1.  She has been a strong supporter of Obamacare and abortions.  See Project Vote Smart.   

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Mainstream Media FAIL: Citizen Journalist Exposes Administration’s Deception over ObamaCare

Meet investment advisor Rich Weinstein, one of many Americans who got a letter informing him that his old health insurance policy did not meet ACA standards.  It was replaced by a plan that cost twice as much.  Obama’s words echoed in his memory:  "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period."

"So I’m watching the news, and at that time I was thinking: ‘Hey, the administration was not telling people the truth, and the media was doing nothing!’"

That’s when Rich Weinstein put on his thinking cap and did his own independent research.  He came up with many pieces of evidence proving that the Obama Administration intentionally deceived the American people, beginning with this:

 "This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure the CBO did not score the mandate as taxes,” said Gruber. “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. Call it the stupidity of the America voter, or whatever.”

GW Note:  Have you figured out that all your local news sources are in the business of shaping public opinion, not reporting the news?  Are you still poisoning your brain by watching the mainstream nightly news?  Have you cancelled your local newspaper yet?    Did you know there are many other alternatives?  Look at the GW Home page under "Resources."

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Gruber and the Individual and Employer Mandates

One average American citizen, Rich Weinstein, made a startling discovery.  True investigative reporting is dead among the mainstream media.  So, without a college journalism degree, he did it himself.  He quickly found Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare.  In Jonathan Gruber, he discovered how the Obama Administration deceived the American public.  

Since then, the conservative media is uncovering more and more evidence by the trainload.  The "mainstream" media continues to ignore Grubergate.  "Not since the Kermit Gosnell late term abortion murder trial has the mainstream press labored so diligently to ignore a hot story." (Have you cancelled your newspaper subscription yet?)

In this article published by Daily Caller by Patrick Howley, we learn that during the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama criticized Hillary Clinton’s "mandate."  He ran an ad that stated: ”Hillary Clinton’s attacking, but what’s she not telling you about her health care plan? It forces everyone to buy insurance, even if you can’t afford it, and you pay a penalty if you don’t.”

In his usual bait and switch style, Obama was later "convinced" by Gruber to do exactly that.  

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Is Barack Obama the “Abortion President”? Look at his Record

Recently, at the May 1, 2014, National Day of Prayer breakfast, Dr. James Dobson spoke, calling President Barack Obama "the abortion president."

Just days before, U. S. District Judge Robert Blackburn had issued an injunction preventing the federal government from imposing the abortifacient mandate or its penalties against Dobson and his radio ministry, Family Talk.

Stated Dr. Dobson, "He has made it so that every American will have to pay toward the support of abortion," noting the $250 million in taxpayer funds that already goes toward Planned Parenthood’s funding.

“The mandate requiring that we provide abortifacients such as the morning after pill would have begun on May 1st. After that, if we hadn’t prevailed, fines amounting to $800,000 per year would have kicked in,” he said.

“We would have closed our doors.”

See Dobson Tears into Obama:  "Come and Get Me" 

For a look at Obama’s record on abortion, see President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record:  A Pro-Life Compilation.

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Aborted Babies Incinerated to Heat UK Hospitals

Americans have always treated the remains of human bodies with reverence and respect.  Surely, we would never be so callous as to consider the remains of helpless aborted and miscarried infants as "rubbish," would we?  

Would we?

The United Kingdom provides "health care" through its socialized medical system called the National Health Service (NHS).  Is this our future post-Obamacare?  

See Aborted Babies Incinerated to Health UK Hospitals.  A few excerpts:

The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found.

Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat.


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