Andy McKinney Speaks out Against Ann Kirkpatrick and Ron Barber

Andy McKinney, president of the Rim Country Republican Club in Payson, Arizona, was quoted recently in an Arizona Republic article titled Conservative Groups Already Spending vs Kirkpatrick, Barber.   This story begins:

"Andy McKinney can’t vote against U.S. Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick or Ron Barber in the next election. He doesn’t live in their districts. But he hopes to do everything he can to defeat them in 2014.

"The Payson conservative activist said the president’s health-care reforms are a debacle, and Democrats who supported the law should lose their offices.

“’The people I talk to are incensed,’ said McKinney, president of the Rim Country Republican Club in eastern Arizona. ‘Our elected officials must be held accountable for their votes.’”


Ann Kirkpatrick, Democrat, is the current U.S. Representative from Congressional District 1.  She has been a strong supporter of Obamacare and abortions.  See Project Vote Smart.   

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