Black American Convert to Islam Beheads White Grandmother in Oklahoma

Where are the white rioters in Moore, Oklahoma?  Where is Obama’s outrage?  Can you imagine if a white man had beheaded a black woman, simply because another black woman complained because he made disparaging remarks against blacks?  I guess it isn’t politically correct to tell the truth about how it’s ok for blacks to murder whites by the trainload.  

Alton Nolen, a black male who is a recent convert to Islam and who calls himself Jah’Keem Yisrael, and who used "some Arabic terms during the attack," beheaded a 54-year old grandmother, Colleen Hufford, who did nothing to provoke him, in Moore, Oklahoma, USA.

The attack was “triggered by him having been suspended earlier that day” combined with “some sort of infatuation with beheadings.”

I wonder where he got that idea?  Doesn’t matter.  Any excuse will do.    

"The F.B.I…..found no links to foreign terrorist groups."

“My son was raised up in a loving home,” said Ms. Nolen. “My son was raised up believing in God. That’s what he believes in. My son was a good kid.”

Yet, this "good kid" spent two years in prison for assaulting and fleeing a state highway patrol officer and for drug possession.  

 He beheaded a defenseless woman, because another woman had the nerve to complain about him!  His racist comments got him suspended from his job.  What’s the world coming to when a black American Muslim can’t exhibit racism on the job!  Death to white women!  He beheaded Ms. Huffard while her back was turned, and would have succeeded in beheading a second.  After some scuffling, a "gun toting" white guy showed up on the scene and shot him.  

Moral to the story:  No more guns!

“He was the kind of student who walked down the hall and had a ‘What’s up man?’ for everyone,” Mr. Impson said.

Just your average, normal American kid:  The Headchopper who lives next door.  

Maybe it was a case of too much self-esteem.

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