Christian Persecution: In Gilbert, Arizona

We imagine that persecution of Christians is remote.  It happens "over there" in countries like Nigeria, as reported in World magazine, Standing with the Brethren.  Not here.  It can’t happen in America, much less in Gilbert.  Nobody’s burning down our churches or shooting us as we attend religious services.

They don’t have to if we give up our core beliefs without a feeble whimper.

Have you ever wondered, "How does systematic persecution begin"?  Would you recognize it if you saw it?  Would you do anything to stop it?

Is it such a big deal if our schools celebrate the "holidays" instead of Christmas?   Calling Christmas the holidays is treating Christ’s birth like some vestigial tail of the past…useless and forgotten.   We tolerate it.  Why make a fuss if a Gilbert high school principal refuses to allow graduating seniors to sing the "Battle Hymn of the Republic", because, well…it’s offensive?  Is it all that important if the Town of Gilbert lights up the "holiday" tree?   After all, we don’t want to offend anybody.  What’s the big deal if the Gilbert Schools Governing Board votes against a prayer to open its meetings, because they are fearful of being sued by a group called Freedom From Religion?  The FFR folks are "uncomfortable" hearing others practice their First Amendment right to pray. 

Somebody asserts with haughty self-appointed authority, "Separation of Church and State!"  We dissolve.  No discussion.  No debate.  See Some Gilbert  Residents Want School Board to Bring Back Prayer.    (Check out the comments from our fellow citizens.)

If we bothered to study American history, there’s plenty to debate. The Founders of this country cited God continuously throughout the founding of America.  What do you think that George Washington thought about God’s role in America?  What about Thomas Jefferson?

They did not want to establish a religion, as in the "Church of England," but neither did they want government to prohibit its expression, as in the First Amendment.  It’s just that simple. 

Fast forward to the Democratic Convention when they tried to remove God from their platform.

When our Schools or Town cower in fear of litigation from anti-religion activists, it is time for We the People to circle the wagons and defend our First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression from those who want to destroy it! 

It was important enough to be included as the First Amendment of our Constitution, so it’s important enough for us to defend!

The community decides what the community wants.  We the People are "the community." 

Think about this statement:  "In some areas, restricting the freedom of religious expression if that is the desire of the community can lead to litigation as well."  Staci Burk, Gilbert School Board member. 

When is it time to act?

See Silent Conquest: The End of Freedom of Expression in the West.  

There is no time like the present.