11/01/2011 & 11/03/2011 Town Council Study Session & Meeting

The Council approved a Contract with Plan*et in an amount not to exceed $199,900 for a Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

This Master Plan has been in the works for several months (more like years). Part of the overall assessment of the plan includes both public and private parks and recreation facilities that currently exist. Lead Consultant Dornfeld, representing Plan*et, identified the timeline: Now through February 2012 will be spent conducting a community survey. Other communities will be used to benchmark. Information will be obtained from the business community and service providers. Once this is done, her company will move forward with the plan. They will continue seeking community comments through the Fall of 2012, identifying the types of facilities Gilbert residents want. Rick Elliot of Elliot Pollack and Associates will be involved with the final plan which will be presented to the Boards and Commission at the beginning of 2013.

Funding for the Master Plan will be 2001 Parks Bond funds.

The Council approved acceptance of 2011 Homeland Security Funds from the Dept. of Homeland Security for $158,716 for emergency preparedness and training funds.

The Council approved the amended and restated contract with Constitution Week USA (American Flags For Gilbert) for the posting of American flags to select street light posts.
Five citizens spoke for; 2 against. The Council voted in favor 6-0. Council member Sentz abstained due to conflict of interest, since he is a member of American Legion Post #39, which officially stated its opposition.

Please see American Flags For Gilbert for more information about this organization. Also see American Flags For Gilbert and American Legion Post #39, an article about the controversy that appeared in Gilbert Watch.

The Council approved an agreement with Tim Mitchell’s Christmas Trees to authorize use of Town property located at the NW corner of Gilbert and Elliott Roads.
Even though the Council approved this contract, for the third year in a row, there is concern about the best use of Town-owned property. Staff will report back in 90 days with a presentation addressing ways to assure that the Town is receiving the highest value for the use of this property.

Council Member Petersen said he would like to have a broad discussion at the Council level to assure that the greatest value and highest use of all Gilbert’s assets are being sought.

Council Member Victor Petersen reported on a recent meeting of the Council Subcommittee on Non-Profit Community Support.
Non-profits provide much-needed services to the community. The consensus of the Council for some time has been to move in the direction of securing private, not taxpayer, funds for charitable giving. Finding the best way to do that is the purpose of this subcommittee.

The next meeting of the subcommittee is Monday, December 5, at 3 pm in Room 300. It is open to the public.

To read the Town of Gilbert’s full Minutes: http://www.gilbertaz.gov/minutes/default.cfm

To view video of Council Study Sessions and Meetings: http://gilbert.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=4