47.9 Million Americans out of Work is an “Economic Recovery”?

The Obama Administration and Leftist media keep beating the drum about the 7.3% unemployment rate.  Many of our elected officials–those who want tax overrides and tax bonds, and those who want to add millions of illegal aliens to the workforce, and pass out raises to government employees–believe them. 

Well, it looks like these elected officials pay more attention to the lies told them by the federal government, than to what they see under their noses.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard much from the private sector about raises, promotions, or wonderful new job opportunities.  What I’ve heard is that they’ve received salary cuts and reduced work hours.  

As a famous comedian once said to his girlfriend when she caught him with another woman, "This isn’t what you’re thinking!  Who you gonna believe?  Me?  Or your lyin’ eyes"?

In the article, Real Jobs Data are Far Worse than Official Numbers Suggest, the truth comes out.

Here are a few excerpts: 

"Our survey, unlike the Labor Department’s, reflects those Americans who have sunk so deeply into economic despair they are no longer counted by the government. This is a more realistic gauge of unemployment, and we are not alone in our findings.

"The venerable Gallup Poll’s "Underemployment Rate" — measuring both the unemployed and part-time workers who want to work full-time — stood at 17.1% in September, up from 15.9% in October 2012.

"The job "recovery" under Obamanomics is now in its 43rd month, the longest it’s taken since before Truman’s time for the economy to return to its previous employment peak. And we’re still millions of jobs away."

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