A Message from the Leader of the Medicaid Expansion Fight: URAPC.ORG




Governor Brewer’s top consultant put out a deceptive poll with mis-leading questions and absent facts. Please take a moment to answer a few questions on the Medicaid Expansion in the new survey from URAPC:   The URAPC Survey.  And pass it along to your friends.

Send an email if you can volunteer for 3 hours next week to info@urapc.org.  

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors.  Get the facts here and from INFO@URAPC.org.  If it is not here it is not a fact.


“I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight” – 19 Days Left

In 1779 John Paul Jones uttered these famous words to the British demand for his surrender in one of the bloodiest battles in naval history. Three hours later the 44-gun Royal Navy frigate surrendered, and Jones took command.

Two short months ago many of you met us at the State Capitol to pick-up your first petition.

They said it was too hot and no one would walk.  Last Saturday two patriots gathered over 100 signatures in the record breaking 115 degree heat. Not one, not a few, but many. This weekend URAPC patriots gathered over 900 signatures at one event;  they sat at drive-up tables pulling 60 signatures in one-half an hour; ladies in the Safeway filling multiple sheets, and paid gatherers for the Democrat referendum asking our side “who do you work for?”

The Alliance fights for Freedom and the Principles of the Republican party which does not include Obamacare or another overreach of our Governor.

Yes it is hot. Yes we have walked. Over the State of Arizona members of the Alliance have worked every single day for 61 days, and it is not one, nor a few, it is many.

Update:  We do not have the necessary signatures right now but if we increase the push for the next 19 days we will do this. Set a goal. One hour a day, three hours once a week, two signatures a day.

If you raised your hand to vote for the resolution please pick up a pen and fill up a sheet.

Every person who filled out a petition needs to get 70 more signatures.

Motivation:  You are the heart beat of the State and you cannot stop fighting because it is not in your nature. 

There is no Cavalry coming to your rescue – the noise is the Democrat machine on its way to roll over you, and the establishment is sitting in chairs pretending it’s a croquet tournament. 

The Congressional delegation is not going to protect you from Governor Brewer or Obama, because they are comfortable in their victim mentality and have been convinced saving their political seats trumps protecting your Freedoms. 

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors.  Get the facts here and from INFO@URAPC.org.  If it is not here it is hearsay. 

It is up to Arizonans. There is no reason to stop.

We are not there.

It is not hopeless.


               Paid for by United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives R-01-2014