A More Perfect Union – See it on the Town’s Channel 11!!

The video, “A More Perfect Union,” is scheduled to play on Channel 11:

Friday (9/16) at 7pm
Sunday (9/18) at 6pm
Monday (9/19) at 7pm

Here is the link: http://gilbert.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=4

Summary by Jared Taylor.
A More Perfect Union examines the creation of the US Constitution from the perspective of chief author, James Madison. The film follows James Madison’s desperate attempts to enlist the aid and involvement of George Washington, the battles with states’ rights advocates such as Roger Sherman and John Dickinson, his efforts to make both the Senate and the House elected by proportional representation, and his ultimate acceptance of the compromises which ultimately made the Constitution palatable to enough states to be ratified by 1788. For those unfamiliar with the history of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, this is an excellent way to be introduced to the politics and personalities that created the Constitution. Highly recommended for the classroom and the home.