Abbott, Crozier, Presmyk, Cooper: Paid for by Southwest Ambulance

Just before the Gilbert Town Council voted on 2/24/2011 to extend the Southwest Ambulance contract, new campaign signs went up all over Gilbert for the 4 incumbents running for re-election.  At the bottom of the campaign signs was the statement: Paid for by Southwest Ambulance.

Robo calls have been going out on behalf of the re-election of Linda Abbott and Ben Cooper:  Paid for by Southwest Ambulance.

$410 donations have been made to Abbott and Cooper’s re-election campaigns: Paid for by Southwest Ambulance.

There’s another item coming up on the Gilbert Town Council agenda on May 5, 2011.

The Council will consider final Memoranda of Understanding relating to Meet and Confer.  Three union contracts are up for renewal.  Maybe not just renewal.  Maybe just a few, slight, incremental changes.

Already, Linda Abbott has received a $410 donation from the International Association of Firefighters Local I-60.

Les Presmyk has received $410 from the United Mesa Firefighters PAC and another $410 from the Apache Junction Firefighters PAC.

These organizations are obviously grateful for the support they have received, and expect to receive, from Linda Abbott, Dave Crozier, Les Presmyk, and Ben Cooper.