Acquinity Interactive Coming to Gilbert, Bringing Hundreds of Jobs

Acquinity Interactive, a privately held Internet marketing company, will open a facility at 1030 N. Colorado St. in late November or early December. In addition to sales agents, the company will be looking for sales supervisors and quality assurance supervisors.

"We are pleased to see new job opportunities opening up as we continue to attract new talent and families to our growing town," said Patrick Banger, Gilbert’s town manager.

"Anyone with sales experience and a call center background would be a top candidate," said A. J. Rosenfield, the company’s vice president of human resources. "Or anyone with sales aptitude, whether it was retail or past experience. But you have to be comfortable with rejection. You have to have the ability to gather your senses and get motivated again to go to the next call and put your best foot forward."

It’s a start!

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