After Action Review by the AFA: Medicaid Expansion Ballot Failure

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The AFA has written an excellent "After Action Review" of the challenges that we who fought tooth and nail, hammer and tong, to gather signatures, faced.  It is very important to go back and honestly assess any serious project after it concludes, whether you won or lost, and no matter how painful the moment of Truth might be.  We must face our mistakes so we can correct them.  We must document our successes, so we can repeat them.   As for Gilbert Watch, we should have asked for donations to URAPC.ORG, over and over and over.  duh.   

Please read Final Tally and Editorial on Stop Brewercare. Here are few portions of that editorial:

"AFA commends Christine Bauserman for having the guts and the will to launch this gargantuan effort to give the people of Arizona the right to vote whether to raise taxes on workers/voters. We all know that the Governor imposed what is surely an illegal "hospital bed tax" on sick people in Arizona. She did it just like all the Democrats do it…. at 3:00 am with the help of 100% of the Democrats in the House and Senate and 15 liberal Republicans.

"Let’s draw a contrast between the Democrats’ effort to challenge HB2305 at the ballot box and the Conservatives effort to challenge an expansion of government at the ballot box.

"1.  The Democrats were dedicated to their cause.  The Democrat leadership and the wealthy Democrats around the country donated the money needed to gather 146,028 signatures to be able to continue voter fraud in Arizona.  It is estimated that they spent in the neighborhood of $400,000 or more to do that.  The Dems know they can’t win if they have to compete on ideas in order to win.  They fail at competing fairly, the way the system was designed to work, and they are more than willing to throw everything they have at keeping a fraudulent voting system in place.  That is the Democrat platform and they follow it religiously!

"2.  The Republicans were NOT dedicated to adhere to the Republican platform: less government intrusion, lower taxes, adherence to the Constitution.  The Republican leadership did not support these principles that were all violated in the medicaid expansion debacle.  Not at the National level, not at the State level and not among wealthy Republicans who could have donated.  The Governor spent $364,000 to thwart her own party.  THAT is where the private money went!!  The AZGOP Chairman, Robert Graham, defied the very precinct committeemen who put him in office by refusing to help with this petition drive.  No state money.  No supportive emails encouraging these PCs to get in the battle.  No press conferences called in support of the efforts of grassroots Republicans.  And most of the precinct committeemen who are also charged with the responsibility of upholding the principles of the party platform also did not help.  Score 1 more for the Democrats!"