ALERT: Contact AZ House to Say NO to SB1314

Please take action on the SB1314 ‘Student Data Privacy’ Bill.   As written, it is not a good Bill.  Members of the Mommy Lobby are working with House Education Committee members to get an amendment to get our 3 concerns addressed. 

Right now, we OPPOSE SB1314 as written.

SB1314 will be heard in the House Education Committee Monday, March 6 at 2pm.  Click HERE to see the agenda.  


1.  No Parental Consent Provision, leaving parents without an opportunity to make an informed decision about the information that private, multi-billion dollar corporations have about their children. 

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group committed to protecting your digital rights, says the following about giving consent:  "If a business model wouldn’t work if users had to Opt In, it deserves to fail."  See  Internet Companies: Confusing Consumers for Profit 

2.  Student Browser History is Unprotected.  Google is used by 66% of Americans. This Bill allows Google and other Big Tech businesses to know which search terms, page links, page clicks, bookmarks, and more, that a student uses in real time.  Please note that Google has a history of lawsuits in the US and EU accusing the Tech Giant of violating their own Student Privacy Pledge and misusing student data.   See EFF Sues Google for Snooping on StudentsGoogle is tracking students as it sells more products to schools, privacy advocates warn, and Mississippi Attorney General Sues Google Over Student-Data Privacy   

3.  Sensitive PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is accessible for adaptive learning without Parental consent.  Adaptive learning means a student is using a computer which adjusts the curriculum to the user.  PII can be used for educational research as well as for commercial R&D, to benefit the tech company. Parents should be asked to Opt In for this and told which information is being used, how, and why.

Use this link, The Arizona People’s Lobbyist, to contact Arizona Legislators: (courtesy of activist Jose Borrajero) 

By using this link, you can send ONE email to ALL House Republican Representatives.  (Click on the link, and your email program will open.  Then all the House Republican Representatives’ email addresses will populate into the bcc line of your email program.  Type the rest of your email asking lawmakers to “Vote No on SB1314” and hit send.)

Use the link again, to send ONE email to ALL House Democratic Representatives.  (Click on the link, and your email program will open and populate all the House Democratic Representatives’ email addresses into the bcc line of your email program. Type the rest of your email asking lawmakers to “Vote No on SB1314” and hit send.)

Student Data Privacy deserves to be protected by all lawmakers. That is why we are asking you to contact ALL House Members not just those on the Education Committee.  FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,  was gutted under the Obama Administration and offers no real privacy protections.  It is time for AZ lawmakers to protect all Arizona school children.  Parents have a duty to protect their children and have been imploring our lawmakers to HEAR us on digital data privacy!  Once privacy is lost…how can it ever be regained?  See Student Privacy, FERPA, and its Weakening by the U.S. Department of Education.  

If you have an RTS account, sign in to oppose SB1314 before March 6 at 2pm.  Here’s the link:  Request To Speak

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