Arizona is Taxed Enough Already!

As you read this Argument against the proposed 1% Arizona sales tax increase, consider this: Arizona has the 5th highest sales tax burden in the nation, and the average Arizonan pays $1440.83 in sales taxes which is 43% above the national average.

Argument in opposition to Proposition 100

The primary mission of the Valley Business Owners (and Concerned Citizens), Inc. has always been to promote truth in government.

The truth is:

  • No tax is ever temporary.
  • This tax is not about education, health and human services and public safety.
  • This is a bait and switch scam to divert funds already designated for these purposes to make up for a staggering misappropriation of public funds.

It is already the state’s job to provide these services. In fact, they are priority.

This tax is business as usual. This tax rewards cronyism, special interests and wasteful spending. This tax rewards failed politicians and the failed policies that created the problem in the first place. This tax feeds an addiction to tax and spend. Give them more money and they will just do it all over again.

Politicians may live in La, La Land, but we are forced to live in the real world. We can’t afford any more taxes. To force beleaguered families to tighten their belts because state government doesn’t want to do its job is unconscionable.

In the name of public safety, government services, and education the state wants an 18% increase. It is not only the state that concocted this scam! The Town of Gilbert wants a 17% increase. When is enough, enough?

It is time we tell them all to go pound sand. It is time our elected officials do the job we elected them to do. Public safety and education should already be priority number one.

We do not have to designate a tax for a priority that already exists. We need to prioritize and cut back on spending. VOTE NO on Prop 100. Tell the Government, “We are Taxed Enough Already!”