Arizona Legislature – LD22 – Andy Biggs, Eddie Farnsworth, Steve Urie

Gilbert Watch supported two of the three candidates: Andy Biggs for Arizona Senate and Eddie Farnsworth for Arizona House. I did not support Steve Urie, but I’ll get to that later.

Andy Biggs and Eddie Farnsworth have both had experience as leaders in the Arizona legislature. Unlike many other Republicans at the State level, these gentlemen have voting records that prove they are: 1) Strong defenders of the Arizona and U.S. Constitutions; and 2) Strong advocates for low taxes; a Limited Government; Private Property Rights; 2nd Amendment Rights; Business; Law Enforcement; Education; and Enforcement of our Immigration Laws.

They have soldiered on fighting for what many of us believe in, but they have not had much citizen support along the way.

Steve Urie, “Republican,” was a Gilbert Town Council Member for many years. He has a proven voting record that demonstrates little regard for what many of us consider basic Republican principles of low taxes and small government. For example, he: 1) Voted to increase property taxes (6/2007); 2) Voted to bring in SEIU (Service Employees International Union) to represent the Town employees (11/2007). This is the same Union that recently issued a “Boycott Arizona” directive. 3) Voted to increase sales taxes, add a Use Tax, and remove a tax exemption. (6/2009) He stated, “I’m very interested in the Use Tax. We aren’t charging it but everybody else is.” The Gilbert Small Business Alliance has fought against that tax many times.

On 6/2/2009, facing a budget shortfall, when a suggestion was made that the Town employees might take a very small salary reduction, Steve Urie stated, “Why is council looking at balancing the budget on the backs of employees? I’m really tired of putting down employees because they work hard and do more with less.”

So, he voted to balance the budget on the backs of the Gilbert taxpayers who pay Town employee salaries and benefits.

NOTE: Going back to 6/2000, the Gilbert Town employees have never had a salary reduction. At the time of Mr. Urie’s statement, the Gilbert voters had suffered job losses, business losses, and drastic salary cuts.

Mr. Urie has the incredibly odd idea that government, just like a business, needs to remain “competitive.” That is, Gilbert’s taxes should be just as high as its surrounding communities. That’s “competition.” I guess Mr. Urie might look to California for his next role model.

So, what can we expect from Mr. Urie as an Arizona Legislator? If you want to predict someone’s future behavior, take a good look at their past performance.

Stay engaged and informed. Support Mr. Biggs and Mr. Farnsworth in their efforts to bring Arizona back to solvency. Encourage Mr. Urie along that path. Be prepared to replace him in 2012. You do not change a person’s basic nature.