Arizona Representative Cecil Ash Endorses Senator Russell Pearce

I find myself in the uncomfortable position of having to differ with a number of good friends and good people who support Mr. Lewis. I do not support any character assassination or demonization by either side. I do not condone untruths, or misrepresentations. Nor do I wish to seize on unintended inferences uttered under the stress of the moment. Russell has a record to run on, and Mr. Lewis is entitled to tell us how he would be different. Although I have great respect for Mr. Lewis, I believe Russell Pearce is the correct choice in the current election for the following reasons:

1. Russell has considerable institutional knowledge of the government of Arizona. This cannot be easily gained in one or two years, but has been acquired over a lifetime of service.

2. If Jerry Lewis prevails in the recall, he will most likely serve only one term. In the next election, depending upon redistricting, Jerry will lose either to Russell Pearce, Wendy Taylor, or Richard Crandall in the next primary. If he loses to Russell, Russell will begin another eight years of service.

3. Russell has been a leader of significant accomplishment, having authored four propositions that passed with an average of 75% of the electorate. He also authored SB1070 and numerous other pieces of legislation that required leadership and courage to get through.

4. Russell is supported by numerous organizations, including 26 law enforcement agencies, and numerous conservative organizations as well as numerous elected officials who have worked with him over the years.

5. In all of my interactions with Russell, I have seen him act with dignity and civility. Whether we agreed or not, I have been treated respectfully and courteously.

6. Lastly, this recall is a perversion of the process. It is being used to cancel out the will of the voters in Legislative District 18 as expressed in the last election of 2010.

For a more in-depth explanation of my support for Russell and my analysis of this recall, including Russell’s answers concerning the Fiesta Bowl allegations, please go to

This is an important election at a time when the state’s challenges are significant. Sen. Pearce’s knowledge and leadership are important to finding solutions at this time.

Cecil Ash