AZ MERIT is Creating an Adversarial Relationship Between Parents and the Schools

Oh, the evils that have resulted from Arizona’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards.  A few years ago, most Arizonans hadn’t even heard of Common Core, even though those who support Common Core insist that hundreds of teachers, educational experts, and the public were involved in “developing the standards.”

The truth is that Common Core was dropped into the laps of teachers, kids, and parents who instantly felt a barrier go up between them and their children’s schools.  They could no longer help their 6-year olds with homework, and this made them appear ignorant and helpless in the eyes of their own children. 

One of the evils of Common Core is AZ Merit.  That, too, has been dumped into the laps of teachers, parents, and children.  In spite of false and misleading information that we have been told by the “experts,” the truth about AZ Merit is this:

The AZMerit test (Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching) is a high-stakes assessment that will collect personally identifiable information on students in grades 3 – 12. This test will line the pockets of big businesses and will take away unprecedented local control of our schools and student data.  For more information, please refer to Opt Out AZ!

“Trust me; I’m the expert” doesn’t resonate like it used to.

Some parents are refusing to allow their children to take the test that will be administered in every school in Arizona beginning March 30.  The Opt-Out movement is growing.  Parents who have notified their child’s teachers and principals are multiplying. 

The Schools are Becoming the Adversaries of Parents who are Protecting their Children

Many school principals, administrators, and even some teachers, are doubling down against parents who have the courage to inform them that they are Refusing/Opting Out of the AZMerit test.  These school officials are bullying and intimidating both the parents and children.  Here are some of their responses: 

1.  Threaten to drop child from enrollment.
2.  Ridicule parent. 
3.  AG said you cannot opt out.
4.  Your refusal letter is not valid.
5.  You do not have that right.
6.  Send your letter to the district — get their input.
7.  District lawyer says you cannot NOT opt out or refuse this test.
8.  This will count toward your child’s GPA (outright lie from Perry High School).  See Perry High Teacher Lies to Students; Says AZ Merit will Count Toward GPA

It seems that the schools are so accustomed to having their way with parents and students, they forget that parents are the ultimate authority in the protection of their children.  See The "AG’s Letter" is Claptrap. You CAN Refuse/Opt Out of AZ Merit High Stakes Testing

Click HERE for sample Opt Out letters.