Beware “Precinct Committeemen” Mailers and the Liberty Education Project

Liberty Education Project

The mailer states, “Paid for by Liberty Education Project."

The problem is Liberty Education Project isn’t registered with the Secretary of State’s office, or the county, or anywhere.  There is no way for the public to find out anything about this group, their motives, or where they got their funding.  The only information available is based on the postal permit number, which can be traced to a print shop in Mesa.  This print shop regularly prints campaign literature of all kinds.      

Precincts Targeted for Take-over

The precinct committeemen (PC’s) listed are not the hard-working conservative precinct committeemen from those precincts.  Rather, the PC’s listed are either very new, or they rarely show up at District meetings. 

It is obvious that whoever sent the mailers wants to rid the Republican Party leadership of Tea Party Conservatives.  One of the precincts targeted is Russell Pearce’s Candlelight precinct in LD25.

Several precincts in LD12 were targeted, including the Megan Precinct in Gilbert.  Not on the list of PC’s to vote for in that precinct is one of the strongest, hardest-working, and most effective conservatives, Mickie Niland.  Mickie was voted the Chairman of LD12 by acclamation!  That’s how overwhelmingly she is respected and supported! 

These conservative PC’s are supporters of Russell Pearce, Lester Pearce, and Matt Salmon.

Who would have access to the names and addresses of the residents in each of these precincts covering more than one Legislative District?  Not just anybody has that kind of access, or money. 

So, if you receive one of these mailers, realize that you are being asked to vote for the status quo in Washington, DC, under the guise of “change.”