Bill Montgomery for County Attorney: Endorsed by Maricopa County Republican Committee



MCRC EGC Endorses Montgomery for County Attorney

Whereas, Bill Montgomery has a proven record of prosecutorial success at the County Level, and

Whereas, Republican Candidate Bill Montgomery has vowed to vigorously prosecute those arrested under SB1070, and

Whereas, Bill Montgomery commands the respect of all agencies to which he must interact as County Attorney including Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Board of Supervisors, and

Whereas, Interim Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley has endorsed numerous Democrat Party Candidates for office, even when in direct violation of Maricopa County Republican by-laws (e.g. 2002 Democrat Candidate for Secretary of State Chris Cummiskey, 2008 Democrat Candidate for Maricopa County Attorney Tim Nelson, and 2008 Democrat Candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff Dan Saban), and

Whereas, Rick Romley has abandoned his lawful responsibilities as County Attorney and refused to prosecute illegal immigrants under Arizona’s human smuggling law, which has a 94% prosecution success rate under former County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and

Whereas, just today, Rick Romley pulled $700,000 of funding for Employer-Sanctions enforcement from the County Sheriff’s office further obstructing efforts to identify, arrest, and prosecute perpetrators of identity theft, the gateway crime of illegal immigrants, and

Whereas, Rick Romley in his previous 16 year career as County Attorney failed to aggressively defend Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, resulting in millions of dollars in losses to Maricopa County in civil judgments, and

Whereas, the second of three Republican candidates and Chandler Mayor, Boyd Dunn has no prosecutorial experience whatsoever, and

Whereas, Mayor Dunn has traveled to Washington, D.C. as recently as 2008 to defend Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and

Whereas, Mayor Dunn has prohibited Chandler Police from inquiring about the immigration status of someone arrested for a misdemeanor offense, enforcing a de facto Sanctuary City Policy,

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Executive Guidance Council of the Maricopa County Republican Committee endorses Bill Montgomery for Maricopa County Attorney in the upcoming Primary Election to be held on August 24, 2010.

Paid for by Maricopa County Republican Committee.
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.