Bob Worsley Hides the Truth

Not the First Time  

On his campaign website, Worsley states that he is the Founder of NZ Legacy; a land, mineral and energy development company.   He also states that he’s a developer of a planned Potash facility in Holbrook, Arizona that will create 500 permanent jobs. 

One of Bob Worsley’s land developments was River Meadows Ranch.  NZ Legacy sold large parcels to people whose dream was to find beauty and tranquility in a remote, pristine environment. 

"NZ Legacy’s website describes the ranch as a “sprawling 28,000-acre wilderness sanctuary located along the upper reaches of the Little Colorado River in the White Mountain (sic) area of northeastern Arizona.” The cool summers, “stunning natural scenery and crystal-clear air” are touted as key selling points for the property, “but privacy, seclusion, freedom of land ownership and laid-back lifestyle are still the main reasons why so many have responded to our large-parcel wilderness ranches here.”

Then one day, the residents discovered there was an exception to their "privacy, seclusion, and freedom of land ownership."   That exception was Bob Worsley’s "mineral rights" to their land and thousands of acres of land right next to them. 

Potential Potash Mining Takes Residents by Surprise,  First Information about HNZ Potash Mining Revealed."  

"River Meadows residents have been seeing drill rigs set up in their vicinity and increased truck traffic, and were shocked to learn one of their landowners had apparently given permission for potash miners to drill an exploration well on his property, a practice directly in conflict with the community’s regulations against commercial use of property.

"As they watched the mining exploration activity pick up, but heard no word from mining operators about what was happening in the area, landowners grew frantic and began a series of e-mail chains, phone calls and meetings to try to learn what they’re up against.

"After months of concerns and seeking information…. landowners have been surprised to learn that their own community developer, NZ Legacy, is involved in the mining exploration in the area, since….the intention to mine near or under the community was not discussed with landowners at the time of purchase or since.

NZ Legacy together with Texas-based Hunt Oil makes up HNZ Potash, which controls 74,000 acres in the Holbrook Basin where potash exploration is taking place, and is the mining company with holdings closest to River Meadows Ranch.

Community Association President Chris Pearson tracked down a representative of HNZ Potash, Paul Schulze with Hunt Oil.  Matthew Bob, also of Hunt Oil, joined them and met with Chris Pearson and his wife, and answered questions about HNZ’s mining exploration.  Their discussion calmed the community, for the time being. 

Paul Schulze and Mattew Bob were surprised to learn that Worsley was involved in the development of River Meadows and its homeowners association, and said they were unaware there was a landowner group in existence. 

What a coincidence.  The River Meadows property owners were surprised to learn that Worsley was a principal in HNZ Potash, which was involved in potash exploration next to their "remote, secluded wilderness sanctuary."   

Another Example of Worsley’s Lack of Transparency

Back in March 2011, there was a routine article in the Arizona journal titled Two Companies Explore Potash Potential in the Area

What’s interesting about the article is that one of the companies, Canadian based Passport Potash, had been very public about its activities, "recently appearing on Bloomberg Report, providing press releases as they progress and holding public meetings at the drill site."

The other company, HNZ Potash, made up of Worsley’s NZ Legacy and Texas-based Hunt Oil,  didn’t even respond to efforts to contact them:

"Efforts to contact the company have gone without response, but according to its website, HNZ Potash is the largest private owner of the Holbrook Basin deposit with a reported land position of 74,000 acres. The site also notes that approximately 50 percent of the recoverable potash controlled by private ownership is under the firm’s control. The HNZ permits are located to the southeast of Petrified Forest National Park lands."

Something tells me that these aren’t the only times Mr. Worsley has not been forthcoming about facts that are important to other people.  This is how he operates.