Brewer Changes Abortion Stance in AHCCCS Bill

According to this article, Governor Brewer is willing to approve legislation to stop Planned Parenthood from getting any of the expansion funds. Is that supposed to stop public funding for abortions? Planned Parenthood provides "family planning services" to Medicaid patients.   Governor Brewer and her partners in destroying Arizona know this amendment will be removed by the courts.

Federal and state law prohibit the use of public funds for most abortions. Yet, late term abortions, including infanticide (murdering infants born alive in all kinds of barbaric ways), occur in a "business like and professional manner" everyday in Arizona.

Governor Brewer may think she is the Queen, but she isn’t.   In 2012, the Arizona Legislature passed and Governor Brewer signed HB2800 to prohibit abortion providers from receiving Medicaid funding.  Planned Parenthood sued.  A federal court has enjoined that law with the litigation currently pending before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.   In the meantime, abortion providers continue receiving Medicaid funding. 

Brewer Changes Abortion Stance in AHCCCS Bill.