Bruce Ash’s 10 Point Plan for Victory

1. I will restore the Trunk & Tusk program and expand the donor base to raise more money for GOP candidates.
I will restore the Trunk & Tusk program to reconnect with our state’s most generous supporters and offer transparency to provide confidence that our resources are being spent wisely. I am a tenacious fund raiser.

2. Fund and organize an aggressive 72-Hour program.
Early voting accounting for more than 60% of the ballots. Election Day is now Election Month and GOTV starts 30 days before Election Day. I will provide the tools needed in each legislative district.

3. Embrace the ideals, principles, and members of the Arizona Tea Party.
Arizona has many great tea party groups that exert tremendous influence. I welcome tea party activists into the political process and know the value of becoming more tea party oriented to continue our successes in 2012.

4. Be the most innovative Chairman in history.
I will lead the party in embracing the technologies of social media to empower the grassroots activists. You will see an explosion of online engagement that will strengthen our party.

5. Modernize and implement a comprehensive PC training program.
My plan includes the use of a grassroots-developed training program that utilizes state, county and legislative district leadership. I will bring interactive workshops and hands-on workshops designed by activists.

6. Be a team player and elect more Republicans in 2012.
I will work cooperatively and not take sides in the Presidential nominating process, or any primary. This will ensure that nominees for every office have the full support of a strong AZGOP and robust political programs.

7. Be a tenacious fundraiser who makes fundraising his top priority.
The majority of my time will be spent raising money to fully fund our state’s political programs. I have a long history of successful fundraising. ALL donations are valuable. Someone who donates $10 to the AZGOP is a stakeholder and necessitates the development of a long-term relationship.

8. Run a tight ship at the AZGOP HQ, offering efficiency and transparency.
I am a proven, effective manager and a partner in a successful real estate business, where I manage nearly 100 employees. I bring a business perspective to the AZGOP.

9. Serve just one term.
I do not view the Chairmanship office as a stepping stone to higher office. I envision expanding our ranks by electing our Republican candidates. When the job is done I plan to happily return to the rank of PC.

10. Be the behind-the-scenes Chairman the AZGOP needs in 2012.
I will ‘water the grassroots’, empower activists, and expand the ‘farm team’. My mission is to set the stage for the rest of the decade, to register Republicans, recruit and train more PC’s, and develop an even deeper GOP bench of conservative candidates.