Carmona’s Mismanagement of Hospital Forced County to Raise Taxes

Are you sure you want Carmona in charge of your wallet? Mike Flynn published an article in Breitbart titled Dem Senate Candidate’s Mismanagement of Hospital Forced County to raise Taxes.

Here’s a quote: 

"From Tucson Weekly 6/17/1999:

Wild, uncontained costs at Kino Community Hospital and the overarching county health system have created a debt bumping up against $50 million. Kino, a small hospital by Tucson standards, is buried under $40 million in debt. And the health system lost $14 million in the last 12 months under the direction of Dr. Richard Carmona, a former Tucson Medical Center trauma surgeon who earlier chaired the county commission that recommended against spinning off Kino and the health system."

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