Center for Self-Governance: Upcoming Classes

Several Level 2 classes, and one Level 4 class, will be held at various sites in Arizona during the first two weeks of December.  To see all of them, please go to Center for Self-Governance is Coming to Arizona.   If you are interested in starting classes in your town or city, please contact Tracy Langston at

Go here for more information on where it all started:   Center for Self-Governance

Find out what Benjamin Franklin meant when he said, "It’s a Republic, if you can keep it."


Here’s an Overview of the Five Level Classes in Self-Governance


LEVEL 1 is designed to introduce the concepts surrounding self-governance, civic authority and bring everyone up to a common level of knowledge regarding our role in exercising our civic responsibilities and authority. This course is foundational and will lay the ground work necessary to successfully implement the lessons learned in future courses.


LEVEL 2 is designed to teach argument framing, messaging, debate, and communications in strategic self-governance. Students will learn how to engage legislators, citizens, media, and opponents of self-governance. This course will give students the hands on experience needed to effectively communicate a self-governance message.


LEVEL 3 is designed to give students a Macro Understanding of State Legislature, County and City Government. Students will learn to overcome obstacles and hurdles while navigating the local, state, and federal legislative process. This course prepares the student for detailed inside & outside game strategy in Level 4.


LEVEL 4 is designed to give students a Micro Understanding of the State Legislature, Strategy and Game Theory. Students will expand their understanding of the detailed processes and inner workings of the state legislature. They will learn how to navigate & manipulate the inside game and develop and execute an outside game to influence policy making outcomes.


LEVEL 5 allows students to choose between one of two pathways. The first pathway is designed to teach students how to run for elected office, effectively manage their campaign, and successfully transition to legislating. The second pathway is designed to teach students the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to operate inside and outside the legislature with the same capabilities as a professional lobbyist.