Center for Self-Governance: Upcoming Classes

Levels 1, 2, 3, and 5 classes offered by the Center for Self Governance are coming up very soon throughout Arizona.   See below for dates, times, locations, cost, how to register, etc.  If you haven’t started these classes yet, please begin now. 

What’s so Special About these Classes?

Have you ever wondered why our local school districts don’t educate students on how to exercise their individual civic authority?  What is the difference between civic "duty" and civic "authority"?  Do the schools promote America’s founding as a republic, not a democracy, and why a republic is superior? 

Have you ever wondered why the media (newspapers, magazines, television, entertainment, etc.) denigrates conservatives, the TEA Party, and the Bill of Rights, etc?

Do you understand that both political parties preserve power, and do you know how they do it?  Do you know the true purpose of "political correctness" and how it is used to control the debate, divide and marginalize people, and silence the opposition?

Are you aware that most bureaucrats (town, city, county, state, federal, school, college) have been very well trained to "deal with you and shut you up"?  The professional politicians of both parties do the same.  Did you know that, until you learn how to self govern, you are no match for them and their well mastered techniques?

Here’s the battle in America at every level of our society:  Centralized Governance versus Self Governance.

Take the first class, and your eyes will open.  Once opened, you will learn how to graciously, professionally, slowly but surely, restore our Republic.

Upcoming Classes

All locations, times, and registration links are available at  If you can only attend one part of a two-part class, you can pick up the other half at another session. Register online if possible.  Pre-registering online is preferred.  However, you can also pay at the door.

Level 1 Classes

Peoria – Wed Jan 8 & Fri Jan 10, 5-9pm

Globe – Tue Jan 14, all day

Show Low – Wed Jan 15, all day

Sun City – Thu & Fri, Jan 16-17, 11am-3pm

Oro Valley – Tue Jan 21, all day

Mesa – Wed & Thu, Jan 22-23, 6-10pm

Tucson – Wed & Thu, Jan 29-30, 5-9pm

Springerville – Sat, Feb 1, all day

Register at  

Level 2, 3, and 5 Classes

Level 3 – NW Phoenix – Thu & Fri, Jan 16-17, 5-9 pm

Level 5 – Mesa – Sat Jan 18, all day

Level 3 – Sierra Vista – Sun Jan 19, all day

Level 3 – Tucson – Mon Jan 20, all day

Level 2 – Gilbert – Wed Jan 22 9am-2pm & Thu, Jan 23, 9am-noon

Register at  

Help is always needed and appreciated

We’re all in different situations financially.  There are many devoted freedom fighters who are struggling but committed to doing all they can to keep the Republic. There have been many cases of generous Arizona students making it possible for other students to take the classes who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. If you would like to help sponsor a student, either a first time or return student, please contact Tracy Langston at 480-529-1123 or email   

All courses are 8 hours and include a workbook.

Courses may be re-taken as an audit for $10.

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