Colorado Legislators Visiting Arizona Endorse JD Hayworth!

Remember when John McCain flew to Colorado to campaign against Ken Buck, the grassroots Conservative for U.S. Senate? He joked, “The Buck stops here”! Thank goodness, Ken Buck won in spite of McCain.

Now, seven Colorado legislators and legislators-elect, members of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado, are in Arizona to discuss SB-1070, our new immigration law, and other topics of common interest. RSCC members will be introducing legislation similar to SB-1070 in Colorado early next year.

These “Magnificent Seven” legislators think JD Hayworth’s consistently tough stance on illegal immigration and the overwhelming support of Tea Party groups in Arizona highlight the type of principled leadership that he can bring to Washington.

In a press release (which you probably will never see published in our local newspapers), Kent D Lambert, State Representative, Colorado HD-14 stated, “During John McCain’s twenty-four year stint in the Senate, he has been ineffective in solving the problems of illegal immigration. Now citizens in Colorado and around the United States are suffering the severe consequences to our economy, our public safety, and our political sovereignty. As those problems continue to grow, it proves we have to close the Arizona gateway for illegal entry and enforce our laws. We don’t need more delays that promote ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ or amnesty. We hope our Republican brothers and sisters in Arizona will stand up to elect JD Hayworth to fight for American jobs, and to stop the flood of illegal foreign nationals, drugs, and crime through Arizona.”

The other visiting Colorado legislators in support of JD Hayworth include Representative Randy Baumgartner, Republican Candidate for State Representative Chris Holbert, Representative-Elect Janak Joshi, Senator-Elect Kent Lambert, Senator Kevin Lundberg, Senator Dave Schultheis, and Representative-Elect Ray Scott.