Conservative Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board Under Fire – PLEASE SIGN PETITION!

The Leftists have attended the Gilbert Public Schools governing board meetings in record numbers.  They are resorting to OCCUPY! mob tactics to vilify our current conservative board members:  Board President Staci Burk, Clerk Julie Smith, and Board Member Daryl Colvin.  Why?  They have the unmitigated gall to suggest NOT raising the Primary Property Tax Rate, and to cut free All Day Kindergarten, or ask parents who want their 5-years olds in school all day to pay for it.  (Half Day Kindergarten is free and will remain free.)

See Fed Up Parents, Teachers pack Gilbert Board Meeting

What’s interesting is that Scottsdale just laid off 80+ teachers and increased class sizes.  According to the following article, many (including teachers) are pleading with the board to cut administration and not more teachers or money to the classroom.  All Day K is also on the chopping block for consideration.

See Ideas for Cutting Scottsdale Schools’ Budget Run the Gamut.  

Only a handful of conservatives attend the Gilbert School board meetings, email them, or offer support.

 Our three conservative board members have done all possible to support and protect Teachers and Students.  They have rewarded Teachers (not administrators) with pay raises; they have voted for Teacher Performance pay, and voted down the Union (Gilbert Education Association).  They are using common sense and fiscal responsibility, not emotion, to focus on their two greatest priorities:  Teachers and Students.  They want GPS to provide the best possible education to its students.

Please sign this petition.  As of this writing, it has been signed by 16 people.  Gilbert Public School Governing Board  Do NOT Raise Our Tax Rates or Increase Budget Spending Above Last Year’s.   

The Leftists have gotten over 500 signatures on their petition.  See Your Gilbert Primary Property Tax Rate Might Increase – To Maintain the School District’s Increased Spending